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Author Topic: Tales of the Futapocalypse  (Read 4597 times)

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Tales of the Futapocalypse
« on: January 12, 2013, 10:19:38 pm »
This is the story of a young man named Steven, and his childhood friend Carol, as they are plunged into the world of an apocalypse. Specifically, the Futapocalypse.

In the middle of the night, women everywhere are seemingly "infected", becoming different strains of Futanari, with very powerful urges, and modifications. They have almost overwhelming urges to fuck, and cum. They have a strong libido which can often leave little room for anything else in their minds.

Mainly, though, it's the story of trying to bring many /d/ fetishes to life, in the form of a semi-decent writing style and story arc.

It's no amazing work of epic fiction, but it'll do :P

I'll be posting and updating the first post after this with the full story. Enjoy. And any ideas, questions, comments, ideas, thoughts, ramblings, etcetera, feel free!

ALSO!!! I am currently accepting any and all requests for commission work. :3 If interested just mail me.
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Re: Tales of the Futapocalypse
« Reply #1 on: January 15, 2013, 07:16:41 pm »
Chapter 1...

It was hard for him to process all he had seen in the last 48 hours. He hadn't slept since two nights ago, which probably wasn't helping matters. He had been awoken in the middle of the night by his sister [oh i forgot to mention wincest sry gaiz], with this... look... in her eyes. This, he shivered at the memory, this hungry look! Of everything he had seen these last two days, that seemed to stand out.

His sister and he had always promised each other, in the Zombie Apocalypse they'd stick together, they'd help each other... and secretly, he'd always hoped titles like "brother", "sister", "sibling", that they would just melt into the fires in the distance, and maybe something more... no, even as he thought the idea, he felt sick, made worse by the memory of that night...

 He had awoken to find her already on the foot of his bed, on all fours, staring straight at him like a predator from the brush. In the dark, it was hard to make much out, but she already seemed different. Something about the way she arched her back, her shoulders seemed to rise... and in the dark, he saw that glint in her eye.

"Hey bro..." she said softly, quite a menacing tone given the circumstances.

"Sarah, w... what are you doing?" he had asked, nervously, unconsciously backing up to a sitting position as he did so.

"Oh I'm just checking in on my little brother, making sure he's sleeping soundly..." she muttered, with a mocking tone of care.

She had always loved to say that, "little brother", ever since she'd walked in on him in the shower last year. Always just a little too much emphasis on the "little". He'd been busy "cleaning thoroughly", and she'd made her way into the bathroom quietly enough he didn't even hear the shocked "gasp", or the nervous stutter that came shortly after. Maybe it was a subconscious question she'd asked herself, "how big is my brother?", maybe it was something she questioned in relation to her own sexual experiences, to get a frame of reference. Or maybe he was just a pervert, thinking that way to try to justify it to himself.

There are arguments to both sides to say who was in the wrong that day, but suffice to say the guilt of either party consists of: she didn't leave right away, she didn't make her presence known, he wasn't really paying attention, and when he did finally see her he was so close that, well, that kind of sent him over the edge. She'd never talked about it since, but he knew she remembered, and every "little" hint served as just such a reminder of the "big" secret they both now shared. Well, both "big" secrets, if we're counting.

"Well, i'm fine..." he muttered back, not exactly sure what was happening here, although vague suspicions were beginning to form within his mind, as was something else under the covers... still, he backed up a little more, as she continued her assault on the bed sheets, those hands of hers clawing into the bed one after the other, ever so slowly, now dangerously close to his legs.

"Awww, my little bro... come here, it's okay if you were having a bad dreeeam..." she spoke, so softly, almost maternally, her words seemed to drift through the air.

Her hand dropped suddenly, sending vibrations through the mattress, as her palm flattened right between his legs, and a little too close to "home base" for comfort. In response, he shot back, and his back hit the headboard. He was upright, his eyes fixed on her, frightened at this point, well beyond nervous. Definetly well beyond the "nervous reaction" point, straight into "what the fuck".

"S-sarah w-what the fuck!" he exclaimed, as she slithered up the bed towards him.

Her hands planted on either side of his thighs before he could turn to get out of bed, pinning him under the cover, effectively. Her body slowly moved it's way up his, until her thighs were parallel with his knees. She held herself up, and stared down into his eyes, with the look of a conquering valkyrie.

She was in her PJ's. Even at her age, still wearing pink pyjamas to bed... but the loose buttons left teasing hints of the flesh beneath to view. He wore nothing but boxers to bed... and felt more than a little naked.

That smell... what was that smell? Was that her perfume? He'd never really been this close to her before, so he'd never... mmm... it smelled, wonderful... unconsciously, he took in a slightly deeper breath, and was awarded with a warm feeling in his extremities. Under the sheets, he felt a farmiliar "tense" feeling in his cock as it swelled a little harder... and then he felt a bump. What was that? Was that... her knee, or what?

"Oh, Steven... I'm so sorry..." she mewled overly dramatically with concern, as she slowly began to gyrate her hips ever so slightly, from one side to the other, and he felt the "bump" begin to softly drift back and forth very erotically across his own, "I hope I didn't scare you... oh please don't be scared little bro... mmm..." she moaned, and exhaled softly.

He could smell her breath, and even that smelled good. Like strawberries. Fuck. What the fuck was going on here?! He couldn't let this happen! No matter how much he wanted to... this was wrong... right?

"L-look..." he muttered, then decided to try again with a little more balls, and speaking of which he could feel a hand-  "LOOK! Sarah! This isn't funny! Just, get out, okay!?"

He tried to force her arms off the bed, went for one of her wrists but was shocked when she grabbed his mid-air, and pinned them to his sides. Holding herself aloft this way, she lowered herself slowly, until her... oh wow... her... her tits...

"Poor little Steven... would a hug from big sister help?" she cooed, softly, and plushed her breasts against his chest, and they pooled out magnificently.

He was a boy. He had noticed his sister's breasts before. They were never this big. Never. Nowhere near. She was wonderfully endowed for a 21 year old, but these things were... huge. He had been so focused on her eyes he hadn't even noticed them, but now his eyes were drawn to the sheer valley of cleavage her now mostly-unbuttoned shirt was offering, he didn't have the strength to look away. No wonder she'd been leaning over...

Somewhere behind the cliffs of mammary, a venturing hand seemed to have wormed it's way under the covers, and was snaking it's way towards his dick. As they slipped around to encompass his head ever-so-softly through his boxers he was ashamed to admit he elicited a not-too-manly gasp.

"Mmmm... I think that's a yesss..." she whispered, and her head moved in for the kill.

Her other hand abandoned the other now limp wrist, and a finger lifted his chin, and with it his gaze, away from her colossal cleavage.  Her lips parted to reveal a wet, slippery serpent of a tongue, which curled it's way out into the ever-closing space between their mouths, eager to taste him...

He could smell her now, so close, so many scents overpowering each other. His eyes were glazed over and barely open. He was so horny. His dick was already harder than it had ever been. It didn't take much for her to get his lips apart, her tongue probing for a weakness until he gave in altogether, and before long she was moaning into his mouth softly as her tongue gouged his mouth with wet, sloppy, hot noise. She tightened her grip on his cock for a moment as a reward, and he felt her reach up over the elastic, and pull down his boxers.

He frowned, as something hard began to impact his leg. He could feel her grinding up against his hip, and something was defineltly amiss. He opened his eyes, fighting through the haze of hormones and scents, to look into her eyes. She stared straight into his, before he felt whatever it was grind in particularly hard, and watched as her eyes rolled back in her head as it tilted back, temporarily breaking their kiss, and her mouth opened in a long, protracted moan of sheer lust.

He took this opportunity of momentary clarity to try to make sense of the situation. It was too dark, but he reached out with a free hand, and found her hip. He could feel it shiver under his touch, and as he rested his hand there, felt it continue to shiver with each thrust... he could feel her entire body shudder, a quiver up her spine, something was obviously driving her to ecstasy, and somehow he doubted it was just her touching him.

"Oh Steven! Oh! Ohhh!" she moaned, and tried to talk between pants, "this - feels - so - good... I can't... think - straight - uughh..."

He felt a hot flush come over him at her, rather embarassing, admission. What was wrong with her? Apart from breaking in to molest her brother, obviously, something was beyond strange about her behavior.

"What... what is it Sarah? What's happening to you?!" he managed, shocked as he was.

"Bro - it's - so... ohhh goddd if id- gnnhhh... if I knew it felt THIS GOOD! You guys nnhhh... have it so l-l...lucky... uuhnnnnnn..." she lewdly exposed, whilst her grinding devolved into flat-out humping his leg.

Her hand was now caressing and squeezing his cock encouragingly, and he had to resist the urge not to hump into her hand. Something about her, about that smell, her tits, all of this was wrong! ... so why couldn't he stop!? He could see her brow furrowing in obvious concentration, and for a moment it was she who stopped, much to his surprise.

"Bro, listen... nnhh... its so hard to concentrate... uhhh... you have to go, get away, I can't... nnghhh! Ffff-UCK!" she said, brokenly, and shot back up to her knees. She dragged the covers back with her, revealing his nudity, and his hard cock.

She tore at her pyjamas, fully revealing her tits in all their glory... but that was nothing compared to what he saw as his gaze drifted down to her very busy hands. As she pulled her bottoms down roughly, out sprung a dick which managed to outshine everything that had happened so far that night, which was impressive in and of itself. A shiny head, dribbling precum, and at least an inch thick, and maybe 10 inches long.

Her hand was eagerly stroking it from about mid-way up, and with each caress of the head, her thumb would rub under it, and a little spurt of precum would drip down. Her balls were comically large, like a pair of tennis balls, and the steady flow of precum was making them glisten, and making the shaft so wet each stroke had it's own wet little "shlllick" to accompany it. A hairless, perfect, fuck-tool... no, what was he thinking?? This was his sister! That was his sister's dick... it smelled so strong... he could barely think under the weight of it. Something about it was clouding all other thoughts out of his mind, he was entirely focused on her head, and the fingers gliding effortlessly across it over and over.

He was mezmerised by every clear drop that worked it's way out of her dick, and watched as they trickled down to her balls, which were so warm he could feel the heat coming from them... full of cum... He tried to move, and failed. He tried again, and managed to squirm under her weight, and little more. His dick, now unattended, scraped between her thighs, and he could feel her wet precum dripping onto it, not that he noticed, given the sight in front of him.

She was writhing on her knees, arching her back, her lips opening to moan, then closing to muffle them and bite her lip.

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Re: Tales of the Futapocalypse
« Reply #2 on: January 15, 2013, 07:16:51 pm »

"Oh god bro I need you inside me! I NEED IT! FUCK!" she shouted, loudly, and he saw her free hand slipping between her legs, and pressing into her.

He gaped at her in open shock, frozen to the spot. The lewd scene playing out in front of him was beyond his comprehension. It was beyond impossible, and yet, here it was. And before he could react, her hand, dripping wet with clear precum, was grasping his rock hard cock, and caressing his head at her entrance.

Her nether lips parted to swallow his head hungrily, and she moaned even louder in satisfaction. She was so tight, and yet so wet, it was hard for him to get his head around. At first it felt like he just wouldn't go in, and then, his entire cock slipped in effortlessly, and her walls squeezed appreciatively. She screamed with delight, her hands grasping her hair and tits, as she shuddered, flat against the base of his cock, whilst hers pointed straight at his chest, and into his face.

He found it hard to know where to look, at the face of this sexual goddess, moaning and screaming, the colossal tits that were even now jiggling in ways that made the laws of physics themselves stop and wonder, or the massive cock bouncing up and down ever so slightly under the vibrations of her body?

She rose up as far as she could, until only his head was inside, so slowly that he felt every inch of himself slide out of her one by one. Her pussy was just so damn tight, like it was grabbing onto his cock for all it's worth, unwilling to let it go. It was like a carnal furnace inside, so hot and wet...

All at once, she slumped back down, and a wet "squick" resulted, as her juices and his began to drip down his cock. Her cock jumped in response, and a jolt of pre cum squirted powerfully onto his chest, leaving a wet trail. The smell grew even stronger, and he could feel an overpowering urge rising in him. That smell, it was amazing... he wanted more, he needed more... her cum... her dick... it smelled unbelievable!

He didn't notice as his mouth slowly drifted open, subconsciously longing for a taste, to wrap his virgin lips around that cock, to please this being before him. A line of drool ran it's way down his chin before he caught himself, shook his head, and lifted a hand to his head. He tried to shake away the haze in his mind, but it was like his thoughts were running together, and all inevitably turned to sex. He wanted to speak out, but whenever he tried to his mouth felt like it was full of cotton candy. He tried to push her off, but he could barely find the strength to move his arms.

Her pussy was folding to every contour of his dick, sliding up and down deliciously, stimulating every nerve ending in his cock, his head was rubbing wonderfully against her inner walls. It felt like the perfect sex toy was trying it's hardest to get him off.

He strained, and managed to get his hands onto her thighs. She looked down at him, menacingly, her eyes widening with relish, and tightened her thighs around his hips, locking herself onto him as she proceeded to thrust up and down even faster, digging into his pelvis with each downward stroke.

"Sarah! Fuuuck!" he strained, as the pleasure in his cock throbbed, like waves travelling from his core, straight through his body into every nerve ending, and pulsing right to the head of his dick, as it lay trapped within her.

As she thrust harder, her dick slapped into his stomach, and back up to hers, a wet smack each time making a lewd crescendo. Between each, a flick of pre-cum found it's way up his body, leaving clear little droplets everywhere.

"PLA-PLOCK, PLA-PLOCK" went her dick, as with each push up, her dick would impact his stomach, and each drop, would with the momentum travel in the opposite direction, to strike her perfectly formed abdomen.

The heady aroma of sex was everywhere, her cock, her pussy, the smells were drowning out his mind. And yet, her warning stuck with him. "You have to get away..."

He could feel his mind slowly eroding away, the need for sex growing stronger and stronger. He knew this was what she had meant, that if he stayed, he would be lost to this, to whatever had happened to her. All at once, he knew he had to escape, whatever it took.

She leaned down, pressing her tits against his now-wet body once more, and brought her face close to his. Eyes closed, she panted madly with the passion of her fucking, her chin resting on his shoulder. Her cock lay sandwiched between them, squirming wildly like it had a mind of it's own.

"STEVEN! AH! AH! AH! FUCK! STEVEN! AH! YOU! FUCK! AH!" she was obviously trying to communicate, but the pleasure made it far too much for her to handle.

"Sarah!" he groaned weakly, he could already feel the rising pressure in his balls, that farmiliar tickle somewhere inside him just behind his dick, "Sarah... please..."

She looked at him, her face awash with lust but somewhere in her eyes was a hint of understanding, almost regret.

"Sarah... let me go..." he whispered, and grunted, as he felt his body tensing, muscles working themselves into a flurry across his body.

Her body seemed to slow, just for a moment, as if in recognition of a need other than sex. Something in front of her was speaking to her on a level above "FUCK". She saw her brother, tears in his eyes at the understanding of the danger he was in... that she had put him in. She couldn't do it. Musn't. Not to her brother. He had to escape, get away from here... maybe find someone who could help...

A tear formed in her eye, and dripped solemnly to his cheek. She screwed her eyes tight, and fought the urges which felt hard-wired into her very soul. Everything telling her to fuck and cum, fuck this boy, procreate, cum, fuck him, cum on him, in him, make him cum... She screamed, and wrenched her body away from him.

He slid out of her pussy like the last doll in the store from a mother's hands, and she moaned uncontrollably as she jerked her cock wildly beside him. She lay on her back, obviously distraught at the betrayal of her own senses, and he took the opportunity to crawl weakly from the bed, to the door.

He looked back, unsure from shock if it weren't all a dream, to see her grasping a nipple tightly in one hand, and stroking her cock like there was no tomorrow.

"GOOOO!" she screamed, with finality. He watched from the door, and heard her rising screams as she inevitably came, and cum she did...

Her balls seemed to contract upon themselves, visibly shrinking as her body emptied it's load of cum. A fountain of cum erupted from her pulsating dick, and with each pained stroke, she grunted, and a streak of cum would launch several feet up above her, to land somewhere on the bed, or on her.  She opened her mouth, catching a load on her lips as she licked them, and moaned in satisfaction.

11 spurts later, her cock began to dribble, as the volcano finally settled. A streak of cum had lanced her face, lying across her chin, and over her hair. With a trembling finger, she lifted some from her nose, looked at it longingly, and suckled it like a woman dying of thirst.

He stood, frozen to the spot, unable to process all he had seen. Still somewhere in his head, he was questioning if this was all real. It was only when, with a silky smooth action, she began to stand and lowered a silken leg to the floor, he focussed on the here and now.

"Steven..." she whispered, "you had better leave... I'll be sated for a little while, but I can already feel my need growing..."

"But... Sarah..."

"I'm fine, trust me... mmmnnnhhh..." she groaned, as she playfully squeezed her cock head, "but you... there are more like me... mom's like me... she's somewhere in the house. Go out the bathroom window. Go, quickly..." she said, softly, then added with a little quiver, "before my body changes it's mind..."

He was already running, recognizing that his window of escape was already narrowing. He slammed into the outer door, that seperated his bedroom and bathroom from the rest of the house, and wrenched open the bathroom door. He slammed it shut behind him, locked it, and moved to the window.

"Sarah?" came a call from downstairs. It was Mom... but she didn't sound like herself... "Steven?" came a follow up call, with much more emphasis.

He jumped, remembering Sarah's warning. Mom would be like her. He had to escape. He struggled with the window, trying to force it open further than normal when he'd just tried to cool a hot summers day. He heard a knock at the outer door.

"Sarah! Is he in there?" came a cry.

"NNHHGH!" came Sarah's response.

"Let me in, I want to join you two. You don't get to have all the fun!" she shrilled with delight.

He wrenched at the window, desperately trying to force it up. He made much more noise than he would have liked.

"Sarah? STEVEN!? OPEN THIS DOOR! WHAT DID YOU DO SARAH!?" his mom screamed, threateningly.

He shouldered it, now or never, and felt the wood give. Momentum carried him through the windowsill, and he slipped out, down the side of the roof, and to the garden outside.

He grunted in pain, landing shoulder-first, but scrambled to his feet. Barefoot, cold, tired, scared, he set off into the night.

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Re: Tales of the Futapocalypse
« Reply #3 on: January 15, 2013, 07:20:32 pm »
He hadn't gone 6 feet before something leapt out at him. He was on the sidewalk, pinned down, before he even managed to gasp.

And he recognized the friendly face of a friend, Carol.

His frightened features turned to confusion, then recognition.

"Carol?" he asked, nervously.

"Steven!?" she responded, almost accusingly.

Carol was a quite tall girl for their age, at 21 most girls were a little shorter than guys, but she seemed to compete in this area as she did in every other. Her pale skin and shocking red hair were just that, shocking against the dark night background.

She seemed collected, and even a little afraid.

"Yes Steven!" he said, before he realised what he had said. "You... you're not..." he began, realising she was not like his sister, before she interrupted his train of thought.

"Steven oh my GOD! You... you wouldn't believe what..." she muttered, as she began to crack, obviously quite stressed, and probably close to tears "my sister... she... oh god Steven she... you have to BELIEVE me! She..." her words caught in her throat, choked by the tears beginning to make themselves known.

"Look, I think I have a good idea what you're going to say, and trust me I believe you. But we have to leave, now, my Mom is the same, and she's looking for me."

"What? Your mom? That's why I'm here! She's the only one I can think who can help us!" she said as she got up and made for the house behind him.

"Carol? Wait. No! Carol!" he shouted, but he needn't have bothered.

As he turned to warn her, he saw a towering figure standing in the doorway.

"Well hey there you two..." came a low voice from behind them, seeded with lust.

His Mom had always been athletic. She was nearing 45, but refused to go quietly. She had exercise equipment in the basement she made regular use of, and always followed a healthy diet, never missing an opportunity to criticize Steven for his choice of balancing KFC with McDonalds. Secretly, he'd always thought she was jealous that his metabolism kept him relatively trimmed, but he knew she was just caring about him.

She kept her golden brown skin well cared for, a fine selection of skin creams (which he had occasionally sampled for "other purposes"), which gave her a glow even passing strangers had to notice. That combined with her physique had always attracted attention, but since his dad had been gone, she had never really found anyone else.

Her physique was astonishing. He had thought she was athletic before, but now she had the look of a mildly successful body-builder. Her arms were toned and defined, and she just gave off a sort of glow.

The light spilling out from the kitchen door was giving her a very daunting look. She was wearing a skin-tight tank-top, which cut off at her midriff, exposing a perfectly formed set of abs.

Brown hair spilled down over her perfectly formed shoulders and exercise shorts which hugged her every contour. These were quite revealing, in that an excessive, profane "bulge" could be seen struggling against the confines of it's synthetic material cage.

Carol was about halfway between Steven and his mother, and he realised the danger they were in, even if she didn't yet.

"Carol, get away from her." he muttered, warningly.

"Carol... it's been too long. How is your mother... oh and your sister, I haven't seen her since... hmmmm... a few hours ago..." she said with obvious relish.

His mother took a step out of the door, towards Carol.

"Carol, come on! We have to go!" Steven said loudly, looking from Carol to his Mom, willing her to move.

Another step, and his mother ran a hand down her formed stomach, to lewdly grab at her bulging crotch.

"You should come in Carol... we have so much to... mmmhhh catch up on..." she added, the suggestive quality of her voice was anything but inviting.

"CAROL!" he shouted, trying to snap her out of it.

And yet, she didn't move. She was rooted to the spot. He looked at her face, trying to see what she saw, and realised her eyes were rooted to his mother's bulging dick.

He made a move as quick as he could, but his mother was faster. He grabbed Carol's shoulders just in time for his mother to barrel them both to the ground. She had an arm around both of their necks before he could do anything about it.

Carol shouted in alarm, but didn't react in time to make a difference. They were both pinned beneath his mother, and she made her intentions clear. With a single swipe, she removed both of their tops, his buttons shooting off like they were never there, and Carol's shirt simply came away at the back.

She held Steven down by the chest with one hand, and with the other raised Carol up in front of her, and forced her into a powerful kiss. Steven wrestled with the hand which was (pun not intended) single handedly holding him to the grass.

Carol was pulling at the arm around her neck, trying to break free, but to no avail. The mouth which was assaulting hers was wet and powerful, a tongue forced between her lips, and Carol found it hard not to respond to the intimate touch...

The way his mother had him pinned, he couldn't get any leverage with his legs. He turned to look up at the pair, and saw his mother begin to peal away her tank top, revealing a very toned pair of sugar brown breasts.

His mother's nipples, chesnut and light against her skin, were perky against the cool night air. Carol's deep red nipples, on the other hand, were a stark contrast to her creamy skin. The sight of his mother's nippes had a profound effect upon him, having not seen them since, he supposed, he had been quite young. The occasional "walking out of the shower mishap", nothing compared to the incident with his sister of course, but never this close...

No! He recognized the beginning signs of what had happened with his sister. He couldn't allow the situation to become sensualized. His mother's lithe body, pressing him down... NO!

His mother, his sister, how had things gotten so fucked up in one hour!?

He felt his mother shifting her body weight up. She knelt beside him now, and with a free finger, began to pull down her shorts. Meanwhile, she pushed Carol's head to one side, and assaulted her neck with a passionate kiss. The effect was obvious, as Carol let out a stutter, followed by a groan.

Steven tensed his stomach, and put all of his strength into one push, but merely succeeded in his mother pressing down a little harder, forcing the wind from his lungs. He coughed for a moment, trying to regain his breath.

He saw, helpless to look away or avoid it, his mother's cock sprout from her shorts like a bud from the ground, and the sheer mass of it shocked him. The weight of it was obvious, as her shorts let it fall, it swung and nodded under it's own girth.

She lifted a knee, and straddled his chest. He tried to squirm away, but he felt like paper under a rock. As she let her weight fall on him, the "real" weight slapped into his chest, and he felt what seemed like a hot rod of molten metal land between his pectorals.

"Ahhhh... that feels so much better... so much less confining..." she sighed with a crude sigh of relief.

He stared at the cockhead, at least an inch and a half in diameter, sitting inches from his face. He strained, turned his head away from it, but it seemed like no matter what he did, he couldn't escape the heat waves emanating from it, that seemed to bring a warmth to his neck.

His arms were now pinned to his sides, between her thighs, and he felt her begin to grind back and forth in anticpiation...

Carol was being lifted, physically, and held bodily against his mother. She felt like a rag draped across this woman's powerful body. One of his mother's now free hands was holding her under the arms, securing her, as the other reached down to cup her ass. She squeezed lewdly, enjoying the gasps she elicited from the normally reserved girl.

With a probing finger, she found the girl's asshole, and began to playfully tease it, running her finger softly but firmly up and down, between the cheeks, across the sensitive bud.

Carol struggled in her mind, but her body seemed unwilling to respond. This woman had no right to touch her there! How dare she-ee-uuhhh.... Her mind got a little fuzzy as his mother's finger got a little more insistent.

She grudgingly let out a moan, her asshole proving more sensitive than she had ever considered before. She let her head rest on his mother's muscled shoulder, and grunted with each stroke.

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Re: Tales of the Futapocalypse
« Reply #4 on: January 15, 2013, 07:22:15 pm »
"Mmmm, looks like Carol is a little slut at the end of the day, huh? I always knew it. You like my finger in your ass huh?"

The constant verbal assault was waring away at her defences, but Steven was truly terrified of the situation he was in. His mother was slowly forcing her cock closer and closer to his face, and there was nothing he could do to stop it. Every breath was a heady mix of hormones and pre-cum, which was dribbling from her cock-head like a leaky tap.

With one thrust, she pushed it into the fore, and the wet head collided with his lips. He pursed them against the intruder, but he couldn't escape it entirely. He turned his face to avoid it, even as she began to rub it against his cheek.

"Mmmmhh, let me just get a little more comfortable dear..." his mother said softly, and her hand dropped down to Steven's head.

With little ceremony, she planted her hand on his head, and turned his face to her cock. She insistently pressed her cock head to his lips, and he tried to hold his breath. She quickly grabbed his nose, and in the shock, almost choked. He coughed, and that was all the give she needed. She snapped her hand back to his head, and forced her way into his  mouth.

"AH-HA-HA!" she let out a staggered breath as her cock entered the warm confines of her son's hot mouth.

A flood of precum leaked it's way into his mouth, and trickled down his throat. He gurgled and grunted against her cock, which by the sound of her lewd moaning merely served to pleasure her further.

She began to thrust in and out of his mouth, and the trickle became a flood. Her pre-cum coated his mouth, and he noticed the taste. Strawberries. It tasted good. And that wasn't a good sign. He tried not to swalow, but she would thrust in just far enough to pump pre-cum into the back of his throat, and if he didn't swallow he'd just choke.

He got desperate, and he got scared, and tried to bite down... only to find his jaw wouldn't respond. His teeth barely moved, and merely served to stimulate his mother's cock. His jaw must be relaxed somehow! He couldn't even bite down!

He could swear he felt it pulsing in his mouth, his mother's cock obviously loving the treatment it was recieving. If her grunting was anything to go by, she agreed.

Carol, however, was now recieving an altogether different treatment. His mother's hand had worked it's way to her pussy, and her thumb was powerfully pressing into Carol's pussy, pressuring the very bottom of her folds, meanwhile, she kept her wrist teasingly close to her clit, barely letting Carol graze it against her wrist.

The effect was immediate. Carol began to thrust harder and harder, trying to stimulate her clit, the heady mix in the air making her hornier and hornier...

He couldn't break out of the physical trap he was in, so he tried to break the mental bonds slowly forming themselves around his mind. The feeling of his mother's cock, forcing it's way through his lips, the wet slap of her balls on his neck, were serving to hammer away at his will to resist.

He had to fight it. He couldn't let this happen! His own mother, fucking his face, like an animal... and he felt like a submissive little slut, sucking on her cock... waiting for her to shoot her hot, thick cum down his throat...

He screwed his eyes shut tight, trying to force these new thoughts from his head. They weren't his thoughts. Whatever did this to his sister, to his mom, that was what was doing this to him... he couldn't give in, for him, and for Carol...

Carol, however, seemed to have no qualms with the new feelings flooding through her body. Her sister had given her but a taste of what this woman could give. She felt so ALIVE! And yet, she couldn't stop humping this woman's hand. She wanted more, but couldn't stop herself. She would do anything, ANYTHING for more...

Thoughts of resistance drifted from her head, as the desire to cum built and built within her. Her toes curled as jolts of pleasure ran through her, only to go unfulfilled as she could not garner the stimulation she so sorely needed...

As his mother felt Carol begin to lose herself to the pleasure, she shifted her hand just so slightly to heighten the girl's frustration. When she was begging, she would be ready...

As for Steven, he was already giving in. Her cum would crush any resistance he might be harboring...

His mother shuddered as her balls churned, a tingle travelled up her spine, as her cock throbbed in anticipation of a sorely-needed orgasm. Her balls felt full, and the desire to cum was overpowering. She thrusted harder, and harder, feeling her son's mouth slither deliciously across her cock with each wet slurp.

The sounds of Carol in the throes of ecstasy merely served to drive her to greater heights, as her stomach began to flutter. She grunted with satisfaction, as every thrust rubbed her cockhead against the roof of his mouth, and his tongue seemed to tease her sensitive spots perfectly.

She pushed her hand forwards to hold carol extendedly, balancing her on her wrist, as she lowered a hand to Steven's head, and plowed his mouth mercilessly. She began to buck back and forth wildly, her wet balls slapping his chin as they curled up, preparing a colossal load for her son's pretty lips...

The biological processes involved would boggle the mind, as his mother's cock began to pulsate with the flow of blood and hormones, and her cockhead became hypersensitive.

As her balls contracted into her body, she grunted with a look of almost discomfort as such a huge load forced it's way out, only to be replaced with a look of utter relaxation and satisfaction as the pressure gave way, as a titanic spurt of cum blasted its way into his mouth.

Her jaw went slack, and she merely groaned in release, as she pumped jolt after jold of jism down her son's precious throat. She pulled out, and let several ropes coat her son's chin, and one across the cheek. A good little slut, taking his mother's load on his face...

She writhed in the post orgasmic bliss, and let the glow surround her. Her thick, dark cock had slivers of white cum dribbling down it, and her son's face was just adorable...

He stared up at his mother's dark skinned cock. As her cock had flooded his mouth with her cum, he had had no choice but to swallow spurt after spurt of it, an inhuman amount of ejaculate. And the taste, he couldn't avoid it, it tasted so... good...

He hated to admit it but couldn't avoid the thought, how good her cum tasted. He coughed, again and again, in response to the treatment he had just recieved. His mother's thighs locked around his head as he had been force fed a titanic load of her cum...

He hated to think about it... he hated all of this... mostly he hated to admit that last part wasn't true. Some part of him loved this. Some part of him wanted it... needed it... He had to... fight it... resist... uughh... he...

He felt his mother's powerful thighs give way, and at last, he could move... but he found himself so weakened he could barely lift himself up to cough to one side...

Carol was beginning to lose it. She began to cry, as she was unable to gain any leverage. She tried everything, but this woman's hand was just too strong. It was like a steel cage, constantly teasing but never satisfying her...

She ground helplessly against Steven's mother's thumb, desperate for any kind of release as her clit became hypersensitive, every light touch was like a bolt of electricity through her body, and yet it was never enough to drive her over the edge.

"Please..." she sobbed.

"Please what?" his mother asked, sternly.

"Ple-e-ease... PLEASE... LET ME CUM! PLEEEASE!" Carol pleaded.

"Oh, that's good, I'd keep up that begging... but I can't let you cum..."

"PLEASE I NEED TO CUM! IM GONNA GO CRAZY! PLEASE GOD PLEASE MAKE ME CUM!" she screamed into the night, bucking against her hand like crazy but his mother just tightened her grip, preventing her from moving much at all.

"Im sorry sweetie... but i've been saving you for someone else..."

With that, Sarah made her presence known, and stepped out into the garden, her cock, hard and throbbing, in hand...

Sarah approached the trio slowly, and equally slowly stroked her cock with a casual flare. Her comparatively dainty fingers seemed to "bump" over every turgid vein, and it looked as if, if anything, her cock had grown since Steven had fled his room.

There was an inaudible "drip, drip, drip" from the tip of her swollen member, each clear droplet impacting soundlessly on the grass like morning rain. Her breathing was low, and ragged, like someone who had just run a marathon... or more likely, Steven assumed, the aftermath of a biblical jerk-off session.

The constant auto-lubrication gave her cock a sheen look, like a polished table surface.

"Ah, Sarah... finished fapping I take it?" their mother asked, and giggled at her little rhyme.

With that, she let go of Carol, just to spin her round and lock her arms behind her. In her lustful need she was anything but compliant, eager to free her hands, but it was like arguing with a force of nature.

"You take care of Steven... and then we'll have a little fun with this one..." she spoke plottingly to her daughter.

"Yes Mom..." she said, and as she slinked past.

As she moved silkily towards her semi-comatose brother, she bent over just slightly to pick up her mother's spent exercise shorts, which were now damp with her mother's leaked fluids.

As steven looked up to his approaching sister, she stood towering over him, a 10 inch cock jutting powerfully from her hips, and a pair of elastic shorts between her fingers, a little clear droplet forming from the damp rag, and dripping down, to land perfectly on the head of her cock...

"Now don't move, little brother..." she whispered huskily, and pounced!

He tried to roll out of the way, but his body was too sluggish to respond. His stomach felt like it was bloated, probably due to the amount of cum he'd just been forced to swallow, but he felt dizzy, the smells, the sights, everything pushing hormones and sex to the forefront of his mind, and making anything else a daunting task.

He now had his back to her, but she managed to lock an arm behind him. He could feel her wet cock digging into his back. He used his free arm to push up from the ground but she merely swung a leg over him, and used her weight to bowl him over, and push him chest-down to the ground.

Using a knee, she pinned his arm uncomfortably in place while she retrieved his other pesky arm. He decided not to make it easy for her, and moved his arm around wildly, but with a viper-like strike, she fastened her vice-grip around his wrist, and pinned his arms across each other.

He turned his head just enough to look up at her in disgruntled defeat, and watched as she lay, kneeling across his back, staring down with a shark's grin in triumph. She was seemingly wringing her mother's shorts out, and a nauseating amount of pre-cum trickled from the garment down his sister's chest, and well formed body. Her sisters tits stood out, gleaming under their new found lubrication, and the sight was difficult for Steven to ignore.

Only when she had one of his hands inside a "leg" of the shorts, did he realise her intentions, but was powerless to prevent them. As his other hand slipped inside the shorts, they formed a perfect set of improvised bonds, and kept his arms pinned behind his back.

She lifted herself just enough so she could flip him back over, and then settled in comfortably, staring down at the helpless form of her younger brother. She began to slowly stroke her now sopping wet dick, and with her spare hand, began to reach behind her and found her pussy quite unattended. All the while, she never broke eye contact with him, even as she bit her lip with arousal, before opening her mouth to let out a low, satisfied moan.

"Oh little bro, this feels so good, you can't even imagine how good this fe-eeels..." she said, strainedly, as she began to work her hand around her head.

A veritable pool of pre-cum was now building up on his stomach thanks to her, and the aroma was making his head spin...

"Sarahhh..." came his mother's call, in a mock parody of the cries she would make in the morning when breakfast was ready, "I think Carol's about at her wit's end here... maybe you should "help" her with that, hmmm?"

As she spoke, her mother was teasingly running a pair of fingers just along Carol's labia, and in her sensitized state each feather-light touch was like a hot coal, sending shocks through her body. At this point Carol was shivering with need, a cold sweat breaking out across her body, and matting her red hair across her reddened face. Through deep breaths, she occasionally managed a pitiful "pleeeease...".

With a soft sigh, Sarah looked down at her brother, the constant "shlick, shlick" of her hand across her cock, and the other inside that hot love cave of hers, came to a temporary halt as she reluctantly stood off of her brother.

"Don't worry bro, I'll be back to finish what we started in the bedroom..." she said, with a sultry wink, and made her way over to the writhing, pale figure that was Carol.

It was understandable given the situation, but Carol looked beyond craven. Her mouth hung open in an endless moan of need, and her tongue hung to one side, no longer able to function under the barrage of stimulation.

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Re: Tales of the Futapocalypse
« Reply #5 on: January 15, 2013, 07:26:31 pm »
Her arms hung limp, her head hung to one side, at this point Steven's Mom was the only thing keeping her upright. This was something she rapidly relinquished as her daughter approached, and lowered herself down, a pair of strong arms wrapped around the young girl's chest, underneath her comparatively respectable tits. She laid back on the cool grass, appreciating the refreshing feeling, as she held the captive girl taut against her equally taut body. She rested the girl's head between her massive tits, using her biceps to squeeze them ever so slightly together around her. She wrapped her legs around and in between carol's, slowly prying them apart...

Sarah was positively panting at this point, tongue lolling out like a dog's, stroking her cock feverishly with lust at the sight before her. Carol was no less lustful, but her pants were much more breathless and needy.

With little ceremony, Sarah dropped to her knees, and approached the helpless, horny fuck hole now available to her.

She ran her hands along the girl's pale thighs, taking in the feeling of her soft skin... and now this girl was hers to fuck, to cum inside, to cum on, to rub her cock against on every part of her she wanted... those thoughts alone were enough to almost drive her over the edge.

Sarah planet her hands on either side of the pair below her, and shoved her cock in for all it's worth. Her first fuck. The first thing she'd fucked. It felt... glorious.

She could barely breathe, as she sat kneeling inside this girl, like the vice grip on her cock was squeezing the air from her. When she finally drew her cock back out, she took in a staggered, laboured breath, the indescribable pleasure almost too much to handle.

She fell on top of Carol, all sense of reason gone, and began a course of animalistic rutting, fucking the girl below her as though her life depended on it. Her balls were aflame with lust, and she could feel the swelling cum sloshing about in them, as desperate for release as she was.

"FUCK! OHH-HH-HH FUU-HUUCK!" she screamed into the night, much to her mother's delight.

"She's finally given in," her mother thought to herself, as she slowly ran her hands across Carol's body and groped her tits from behind.

Her mother could feel Carol above her, grunting in approval at every thrust of her daughter's dick inside her, and beginning to thrust with what little strength she had back down to meet her daughter's thrusts up, pushing her pleasure to even further heights.

Mom's dick was lodged beautifully between the girl's respectable ass cheeks, and the feeling as her dick slid up and down between them was just amazing. She wrapped a hand across Carol's shoulder, and began to push her down in time with the fucking happening below, and thrusting her own dick up into her ass cheeks. She groaned in response, as did Carol, and Sarah simply groaned louder in the midst of her fucking-filled haze.

The teasing feel of those ass cheeks on Mom's dick was just too much to handle, and with her foot, she gently pushed her daughter away, and held her at bay for a moment. Sarah whimpered with the need to keep fucking, obviously quite close to cumming, and finding the temporary lack-of-fucking to be agonizing... Sarah stared pleadingly into her mother's eyes, wordlessly begging her to let her continue, whilst whimpering like a dog in heat.

With a lift of Carol's body, which thanks to the "natural lubrication" of her dick sandwiched between them slid effortlessly up her body, her dick sprung out between Carols legs. With a not-so-delicate smile, and an equally less delicate THRUST, she impaled Carol's ass on her massive member.

Carol screamed at the sudden intrusion. It immediately became apparent that despite her rather boyish attitude, and her rather open sexual activities... Steve's mom was her first partner to take things to the back side.

The hormones they had been breathing had loosened her up considerably, working their way into the bodies of anyone who encountered them, but Carol's ass still felt tighter than anything either of them had felt before.

Mom lost her so-far casual reserve, and let out a guttural scream at the indescribable sensation on her cock. She began to mercilessly pound her dick into Carol's ass, raising her knees to fuck back at her ass with every ounce of her very-considerable strength, sending ripples across Carol's ass cheeks.

Sarah looked on in agony and wonder at the sexual scene before her, her own dick scant inches away and yet unable to join in. She struggled and desperately tried to get past but her mother's feet effortlessly kept her at bay, leading Sarah to cry in utter frustration. Out of desperation, she began to hump at her mom's feet, who relented just enough to squeeze them together, and give her daughter some modicum of release.

She did feel bad for keeping her daughter's present all to herself like this, but that was overriden by just how amazing her ass felt... just imagine how it would feel when they were done with Carol, and she got to plow her son's ass like this! God, he was so uptight it was probably even TIGHTER! The thought sent her into hysterics as she giggled and fucked and fucked and FUCKED.

Every thrust, instead of loosening her ass, just simply seemed to make Carol squeeze even tighter, if that was even possible. The aromas she had been breathing, and at this point was practically being gas-mask fed, were modifying her body ever so slowly, but based on the reactions of the two people fucking her, quite noticably.

Her ass felt amazing. She had never, ever even considered her ass as a sexual entity, and now she was certain if she could speak, she would simply be begging for more. Her eyes were firmly lodged in the back of her head, every thrust merely pushing out a little grunt of bliss from her mouth, locked open in a timeless silent scream of ecstasy.

Mom wrapped her hands around Carol's hips and began fucking for all she was worth. Somewhere in front of her, she could hear Sarah sobbing with need, but there was a pack order here, and Sarah would learn that the hard way...

Sarah was on the verge of going ballistic. She could see the spectacle before her, of her mother ass-fucking the daylights out of her little brother's friend, and impaling her on her strapping cock. Her mother's feet were a tease compared to that heavenly pussy she had been fucking, and her head was about to explode with need (and not the one she wanted to).

And yet, her body's natural reaction was to keep fucking, even though she knew it was a trap. And thus, she was left incapable of anything but holding her mother's feet tightly as she rammed her cock home between the arches, knowing that her mother was taking advantage of both of them.

Carol didn't seem to care much who was fucking her at that moment, as long as she was getting fucked.

Sarah was literally crying, the helplessness of her situation, coupled with the dripping pussy literally being shaken in her face, inches away from her needy cock, driving her to tears. Perhaps sensing her daughter's unearthly need, or perhaps simply out of a desire to have the girl squirming on her cock fucked as fully as possible, she released her daughter's cock.

For a moment, the sudden lack of stimulation left Sarah in a state of shock. But when the full implications hit her a split second later, she was like a guard dog being let off the leash. She pounced on Carol, and mounted her with reckless abandon.

She was laughing madly with relief as she finally got to fuck the pussy that had been taunting her for what seemed like hours, but in reality had been only a few minutes of teasing, stretched out by her hormone addled mind.

Carol's pussy was at this point a broiling sex-pot, a recepticle for her cock which snugly fit it. Sarah's corrupted mind rewarded her for finding pussy, with pleasure. The animal instinct levels of logic were slowly turning her into a rutting beast, and she couldn't care less. All she cared about was having her dick in that pussy. And her mother seemed to approve. She felt her mother's agile legs wrap around Sarah's hips, cross over at the back, and squeeze.

In the middle of all this, Carol felt two bodies on either side of her press in, and two turgid cocks press into her deeper and harder than anything ever had before. She had never felt so completely full, so sexually completed. She was in nirvana, floating on clouds of flesh and suckling at the teat of bliss...

While Steve's mom had been fucking her ass, she had watched the girl in front of her fucking those large, muscular feet. At first she had held out a little resistance, hoping she wouldn't be released, that she might be able to hold on, somehow get away from here...

But every thrust into her ass was just making her want it more and more, and her pussy just felt so neglected... she wanted to reach a hand down and plunge some fingers in there, play with her clit. She wanted it, needed it!

As Sarah had plunged her cock into her needy pussy, all thoughts but sex fled from her mind. She was where she wanted to be. She forgot all about Steve on the ground nearby, about leaving, about anything but letting these two goddesses fuck her brains out...

Steven watched with a mix of wonder, unease, concern and arousal at the spectacle unfolding before him. He watched as these two sexual beings fucked her like beasts, and he saw the glint in her eye slowly fade away as they humped her body, trapped between theirs.

He struggled with the bonds behind him but either because they were too wet, or he was too weak, he just couldnt get out of them. Sarah must be stronger than she appeared to have tightened the shorts this much. He rolled from one side to the other, trapped under his own body weight, his arms digging into the ground beneath him.

The sight of their mindless fucking was all he could look at. No matter how he tried to look away, to focus on the task of escaping, it was all in vain. His gaze inevitably would drift back to the source of the animalistic howls and grunts, the cries of ecstasy and screams of joy. He tried even harder to ignore the steadily hardening stiffy in his pants.

His body was awash with his sister's precum, and it's aroma was washing over him, but even without it, the smell of their fucking a few meters away was overpowering on it's own. It was hard just to keep his own thoughts straight.

He arched his back, trying for the hundredth time to get some leverage, but it was impossible. He just wasn't athletic enough to get up off his back without his arms, not with whatever they were doing to his body anyway. Something in his Mom's cum had left him so weak, he could hardly move his legs, and his entire mouth was numb from the combination of whatever had been in her precum, and the savage fucking it had recieved.

He felt defeated. But he couldn't get in. He would escape, and so would Carol. And they'd find a way to fix this mess. He'd come back, and he'd see his Mom and his Sister again. It wasn't their fault, something had changed them... he'd find a way out of this, whatever it took. The sounds of rapture beside him slowly began to grow in tempo and key, and he risked another glance at the unearthly threesome next to him...

Sarah was practically screaming in pleasure, and had her hands around Carol's ankles, holding them under her arms as she fucked her pussy. Meanwhile, his mother was doing everything in her power to drive her cock deeper, and had both her hands on Carol's shoulders, pressing her down with each thrust up into her ass.

Steven had looked at Carol in a sexual way before. He was a young guy, and she was a young female friend, so at some point yeah he had thought about her sexually. Now, though, he wasn't sure he'd ever be able to look at her in any other way again...

Something seemed to imperceptibly tick-over with his mom and sister. One moment things were a fuck fest, but suddenly their moods seemed to change. His sister's blissful demeanour took on a groaning look, her brows furrowed in concentration, and her thrusts no longer slow and pleasurable, now much harder, deeper and meaningful. His mother was pushing Carol down harder and harder, crying out with every thrust, seemingly in agony with the way she was screaming out. Carol was crying out in need, begging them, pleading with them, not to let her go, but for more, to fuck her harder, deeper...

The sounds of desperation were clear in their cries, and things were reaching their climax. He knew this might be their only chance. He tore his eyes away from the breathtaking sight, and wrenched his hands in opposite directions, twisting them every way he could to get free...

His sister collapsed onto Carol, wrapping her arms around her neck, her lips meeting her mothers in a passionate kiss, through which grunts and moans still escaped, whilst between them Carol sang the praises of her goddesses, plowing into her from either end, bringing her to new heights of ecstasy she had never concieved of.

Steven couldn't help but watch, the spectacle before him was not for mortals to see, and beyond his young male mind to process. He was locked in a cycle of watching his friend be fucked by his family, and growing steadily hornier with each thrust they made, and with each thrust, he knew, they were closer to pumping her full of their thick, dick-girl cum...

Sarah cried with need, so close to release, but every thrust felt like an up-hill step. She felt like every thrust was sucking her energy away, but the desire to cum was overpowering her every thought.

Likewise, her mother was putting every ounce of effort into fucking the asshole wrapped so tightly around her dick, whilst every vein on her body stood out with the effort and the colossal blood flow to her huge member, and to prepare the titanic load of cum she was preparing to deposit in this little slut...

Steve realised it was too late, and that even if he had broken free, there was little he could have done but abandon her. He looked on, defeatedly, as his mother and his sister began to cum...

Sarah felt her balls begin to squirm, and her stomach muscles contracted almost painfully. She grunted in discomfort as her back arched, and her toes dug furrows in the ground. She bit almost painfully into her lower lip, and humped as if her life depended on it, and as far as she was concerned if she didn't cum, NOW, she was going to die.

His mother dropped her hands to Carol's hips, and lodged her dick in her ass as tightly as she could. With tiny little mini-thrusts, her usually deep voice rose to a comical crescendo as she croaked ever so lightly at the indescrible feeling of being on the egde of such a colossal orgasm.

Carol herself could feel, instinctually, the impending orgasms of the two beasts fucking her, and something in her drove her to an insatiable hunger. She needed them to cum. She wanted their cum more than her next breath. As if to signify this, her breath caught in her throat, and she felt her entire body tense.

The result was immediate, her ass and her pussy tightened, if possible, even more, and both Sarah and her mother's eyes shot open at the sudden sensation. The flood banks broke, and they came. And came. And came. AND CAME.

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Re: Tales of the Futapocalypse
« Reply #6 on: January 15, 2013, 07:27:35 pm »
Sarah gurgled with the flood of pleasure washing over her, whilst her mother heaved with the effort of pumping so much cum up Carol's ass. Sarah screwed her eyes shut as if in pain, although nothing could be further from the truth, the sudden relief of pressure was the greatest feeling she had ever felt. Her mother revelled in the feeling of Carol's ass twitching around her cock, her eyes wide with the pleasure swamping her brain.

Had any of them had the mental capacity to count at that time, they would have counted an average of 20 jolts of cum being shoved in Carol per dick. Of course, none of them would have been able to spell their own names at this point.

Sarah gasped and panted, never having been so tired in her life. She didn't even have the strength to get up, and lay there, her dick still lodged in Carol's pussy. Likewise, her mother barely had the strength, despite her colossally muscular form, to withdraw from Carol's ass which was gripping vice-tight in the throes of her orgasm.

Carol felt so full, so fulfilled from the colossal load of cum that had been shot into either of her holes, she laid back, her head resting on Steve's mom's shoulder, just panting into the sky, her breath steaming in front of her.

For a few minutes, the trio merely lay against each other, piled on top of each other like a sexy sandwich. Eventually, Sarah crawled away, withdrawing her spent, and yet still hard and throbbing member, out of Carol's leaking pussy one inch at a time. She slumped onto the ground a foot away, and panted, heavily. Her mother, quite gently, rolled Carol onto her side, on the ground next to her.

Steven looked into Carol's eyes, and a few moments later, saw her looking back.

"Carol?" he silently mouthed, "you - o - kay?"

In response, she merely closed her eyes, and breathed heavily. He hoped she was okay. She certainly didn't look hurt... if anything, she looked... healthier. It must be the afterglow, he supposed.

Carol reached a hand out, carefully, and with her other, raised a single finger to her lips. He smiled, reassured that at least she was still sane... Carol slowly began to crawl away from the two dickgirls, across the cool grass, towards him.

Sarah and his mother didn't seem to notice, as consumed with their post-orgasmic bliss as they were. His mother was gently squeezing her cock, cooing softly each time, and Sarah was shuddering softly on the ground, silent.

Realising this was their chance, Steven struggled as hard as he could, and began to feel the cum-soaked rag give way, ever so slightly. He might just be able to slip his hand out... if... he... YES!

As his hand gave way, he felt the sudden change in pressure under his back. He pulled his hand out and reflexively stretched it, the stiffness slowly subsiding. He unwrapped his other hand, quietly as he could, keeping a wary eye on his mother and sister for any sign they had spotted them.

As she got near, he tried to get up with now-freed arms, but it was tough going. He managed to get onto his elbows, and reached out an arm to Carol. As she came near, he laid a reassuring hand on her shoulder...

As she reached him, she lay an arm across him, using him as leverage to get to her knees. She helped him to his feet, and together, they snuck away to the street. Once they got around the side of the house, they ran, and didn't look back.

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Re: Tales of the Futapocalypse
« Reply #7 on: January 15, 2013, 07:40:53 pm »
They were on the run. It seemed every house they went past, there were signs of a struggle, or of a complete lack of one. Women and men being fucked up against windows, on the lawns. They looked on from behind a wall, as a trio of dickgirls, like his mother, dragged a young guy into a pool as he tried to climb out, and surrounded him. They rubbed their massive, turgid cocks up and down his body, and while one pulled him to the side and fucked him, the others stroked their cocks and came across his body, and in his mouth.

The pair moved on, eventually making it out of their neighborhood. Everywhere were the cries of surprise, or ecstasy, as the cases may be. Every house they passed seemed either empty, evacuated in a hurry, or occupied by the sounds of raucous sex.

"We can't stay out here." Sarah eventually whispered.

"I know..." Steven muttered back, "and I'm exhausted, I can't keep going like this. I'm looking over my shoulder all the time..."

They eventually found an empty home that looked relatively safe.

The door creaked open slowly. Steven motioned to Carol silently to stay outside, as he took his first step in, and peered into the darkness. From outside, the house had looked abandoned. The door had been ajar slightly, and tire tracks suggested someone had left in a hurry. Steven was in little doubt as to why.

This was Mrs. Brown's house. Steven and Carol had both stayed here before when they'd been in school. Mrs. Brown had babysit them after school occasionally when their parents weren't home. Absent mindedly, he wondered what had happened to her.

In the main hall, he had a quick look around, before turning to Carol and whispering.

"All clear."

She followed inside, and with a hollow click, the door shut behind them.

Mrs. Brown lived in a relatively old house. The creaking in the darkness was just a little unsettling. He tried the light switch, and an old lightbulb slowly brightened. He could practically hear the filament in it humming.

The hallway was lit, barely, and at least they could see what was ahead. He hadn't been over for maybe 6 months, he'd gone round with his mom to visit her, brought a bottle of wine, reminisced. Those had been much more... normal times.

The stairwell ahead began to lighten, and Steven turned back to Carol.

"Come on." he whispered, and moved towards the stairs.

Together, they slowly ascended, wincing at every creak of the wooden stairway. Steven tried to place his feet carefully, but in the silence every footstep sounded deafening. At the top, he dropped to a crouch, and looked around the corner.

It was clear. The house was empty, it seemed, or at least he hoped.

"This way", he muttered.

He tried to ignore the occasional creaking, and crept along the hall to a wooden door, barely lit by the stairway light.

"If we find somewhere to hide, we can wait this out, think of something to do." he whispered back, without really looking at her.

He tested the door handle, then began to open the door slowly. He paused, as he heard a sniffle from behind him.

"Steven", Carol stuttered from behind him, "can we look for some clothes first?"

He let go of the door, and turned to face her. She was covering herself with her arms. She was obviously trying not to cry. He hadn't even considered their nudity until now, but it seemed obvious. He realised how naked he was, that until now he hadn't cared that he was naked around one of his oldest friends.

"Carol... yeah. Sure, of course. Come on, we'll find something for you."

He hadn't even been thinking, how this must have affected her. Everything they had gone through, what they had both seen...

He took a step forward, to put an arm around her, comfort her, tell her it would be okay.

Then a blinding light burst from behind him, as the door was flung open.

"You two won't be needing clothes anymore..."

Steven stood frozen in the light, the surprise on Carol's face reflected in the suddne light. An arm clamped around Steven's neck before he could respond, and pulled him up against what felt like a wall of soft flesh.

Mrs. Brown stood a good six feet, and had what most would call a "homely" body. You couldn't really call her overweight, but she had a motherly form. Her body was full, soft, and filled out. Large shapely thighs, a rounded stomach, wide hips. Most of all, she had always had quite a large pair of breasts.

Now, though, they were colossal. She was wearing a low cut grey shirt, which left at least 12 inches of cleavage exposed, not counting what little her shirt left hidden.  A pair of grey jogging pants wrapped around her full legs completed the ensemble. His head was now squished into the front of her chest, pressed between her impossibly large breasts.

Amidst his surprise, Steven was confused by one thing... a wet feeling on his shoulders...

"Steven!" Carol shouted in alarm, and rushed forward in an attempt to help.

However, Mrs. Brown simply snapped her free arm out, and Carol was equally trapped, pressed up against Mrs. Brown's large form, and huge breasts...

"Well... if it isn't my two favourite kids... it's been far too long you two." Mrs. Brown said cheerily, and squeezed them even closer, pressing both their faces into a wall of boob flesh.

"I'd been wondering when i'd have some visitors. If only I'd known you two would be dropping by, I'd have been better prepared!" she said, and began to chuckle cheerily.

With every shake of her body ripples of boob flesh rippled under their faces, in ways physics may not yet understand. Steven tried to get some leverage against her, but her arm was grasped round his, effectively pinning him against her.

Amidst his struggle, that wet feeling had begun to trickle down his back slowly, and he wondered if she had been sweating. Then he heard an unfamiliar gurgling noise come from Mrs. Brown... did that come from her breasts?

"Oh..." she said, softly, "I'd been hoping someone might show up... I've been needing someone around here to help me... with theeese..." she moaned softly as she tenderly massaged her breasts with her hands.

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Re: Tales of the Futapocalypse
« Reply #8 on: January 15, 2013, 07:41:33 pm »
She turned, pulling the pair with her bodily, and slammed the door shut behind her with a foot. Inside, Steven managed to wrestle his head to one side, and got a limited view of the room. What he saw was... not what he'd expected.

The walls were a light cream colour, and there were two padded tables in one corner. In another, a big round throw-sofa, with a large pillowed back to it, almost like a bowl.

Finally, there was an unmistakable baby's crib, very large, almost like a cage...

Carol was seemingly struggling, her arms moving underneath the weight of Mrs. Brown's breast which her head was partly sunken into, but unable to make any headway in removing the arm which had so seemingly effortlessly paralyzed her.

Already, they both could recognize the tell-tale scent they had smelled before, albeit now it was a much more soothing scent. Every breath felt like a breath from a lightly incensed room, and it didn't take long before they both felt quite heady.

As Mrs. Brown moved them across the room, towards the padded bowl-sofa, Steven tried to locate the source of that smell. It was only as Mrs. Brown's weight shifted slightly, and he slipped around to the front of her breast, it became obvious. A wet spot had darkened the front of her shirt, right where her nipple would be, and out of the corner of his eye, he saw one on her other breast too...

The wet sensation against his cheek became more and more pronounced, and with every breath, he could feel his body relaxing against his will.

Mrs. Brown positioned them on either side of her, their heads at an angle, being pushed away by her massive breasts, and lowered the pair of them down beside her.

The nature of the sofa caused her weight to roll both of them in on either side of her. As Steven tried to pull back he was surprised at just how hard it was to move, let alone get up. It was like being in a bath tub, and he could barely get his head up to breathe from under her colossal tits, which had begun to pool on her chest, and flatten out to smother both of them.

They were both effectively pinned, bodies pressed up against either side of hers, facing in.

"You know..." she said softly, in a rather matter-of-fact tone, "I've been babysitting you two since you really were babies."

Not really listening, the pair of them were trying to get out of her grip, at odds with their steadily weaking bodies. They knew if they didn't get away now, their odds of escape would drop with every moment they spent in this woman's presence.

"And I still remember..." she continued, as she began to slowly massage her breasts, each movement forcing their faces in closer to her breasts with her arms still around them, "when you were that young, and it might be a while before you got home... I would feed you two."

At that, Steven paused in his struggles again. She had? Really?! Carol was also seemingly surprised by this, by the look on her face, or what little of it he could see around Mrs. Brown's bust.

"Who would have thought, that some day soon... I'd be feeding you again..."

The scent became more pronounced as she began to moan softly, that gurgling noise which by now was definetly coming from the monstrous tits on her chest was even louder now...

The implications of what she was saying were not lost on the pair, and they began their struggles again in earnest, but it was for nought. Their bodies already weakened by the events so far, that smell, this chair... they were helpless as this woman began to roll them in on either side of her, their heads beginning to crest either side of her huge tits.

She began slowly peeling away the shirt which had steadily become more and more wet, the stains growing and spreading with damp. Despite the low cut of her shirt, the monsters beneath took agonizing seconds to fully make their way out, as she pulled her shirt down under them, which in turn, forced them up perkily, bogglingly, considering their size.

"Plesshh- mmmfff- Mrsshh Browmmhh" Carol tried to speak, but was constantly smothered by the attempts of Mrs. Brown to release her gigantic puppies, "you canhhggh dwwwoo thiss-fff".

"Oh Carol, you always were so fussy when it came to dinner time! Now I wont have a fussy child..." she said, in a chillingly motherly tone.

"Mrs Brown! Look! I know how you feel but..." he attempted, but the sheer scale of her tits caught his adolescent brain off-guard. He tried to snap out of it, but their sheer size, the way they swayed, jiggled, and wobbled was utterly hypnotic.

"we... we have to... get out... get away..." he said, simultaneously feeling the effects of her scent, and her tits, begin to take it's toll on his mind.

Carol, seemingly sensing his weakness, made a renewed effort at freedom. She wrenched her head to either side, trying to kick with her legs but succeeding only in gently rubbing her legs up and down Mrs. Brown's thighs.

"Now Carol... open wide..." she cooed, as she began to lift Carol up, her fair face gliding across the slopes of mount breast, until Mrs Brown's pinkie-tip sized nipple came into contact with her cheek.

She grimaced, shut her eyes, pursed her lips, and tried to turn away.

"Aww, Carol... don't be so difficult..." Mrs Brown said with mock concern, "I bet I can still get you to nurse..."

She began to delicately tickle Carol's lips with her nipple. Deep down within her, Carol could feel a primitive urge to open them shoot powerfully through her, some combination of the hormones in the air, and something far older within her. She forced them closed, biting behind them with her teeth. It was maddening, trying to resist it.

"Now now, Carol..." Mrs Brown chimed with mock annoyance, secretly relishing the entire affair.

Mrs Brown snaked a hand around her neck, and pinched her nose, whilst pulling Carol's head in, forcing her lips against her nipple. Carol's eyes shot open in surprise, and had to catch herself from opening her lips then and there.

Steven looked on, seeing the struggle in her eyes, as she closed them, and slowly began to get red in the face. It was only a matter of time...

A squirt of milk shot from Mrs Brown's nipple, shooting up onto her exposed lips, and the effect was immediate. Carol's nostrils widened as did her eyes with the sudden flood of scent, and with a deep gasp, which was soon smothered by the nipple in her mouth, Carol exhaled opened her mouth to breathe.

Immediately, Mrs Brown grunted and moaned long, loud and low, as her milk began to flow. Carol tried to pull her head back but Mrs Brown pressed her hand into the back of her head. Her fate was now sealed...

Steven watched in horror as Carol did everything she could, but couldn't resist the relentless tide overcoming her. Her eyes, at first open and alert, began to droop, and became lidded. Her quick panicked breathing became slowed, and in shock, Steven watched as her lips became pursed, and her cheeks began to move, as she began to suckle and nurse from Mrs Brown's titanic breast...

Mrs Brown seemed to be in ecstasy from the feelings of Carol nursing from her. She was moaning and cooing softly, and she seemed to be breathing heavily. She shuddered, and let go of Carol's head, to move her arm around to cradle her against her. She lifted Carol's legs up and laid her across her lap. Carol curled her legs back beneath her, and nestled into the arm cradling her, relaxing as she began to suckle in earnest.

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Re: Tales of the Futapocalypse
« Reply #9 on: January 15, 2013, 07:42:25 pm »
Seeming pre occupied, Steven saw his chance...

Steven felt Mrs Brown's arm stretch out, and grasp the edge of the sofa, releasing him from her grasp. He focused through the haze in his mind, and wrenched his vision away from the utterly hypnotic sight of Carol suckling Mrs Brown's massive tit.

With all of the effort he had left, and it shocked him how little that truly was, he began trying to lift himself up. It became immediately obvious, that just wasn't going to happen. His head felt like it weighed as much as his whole body.

He delicately reached out for the edge of the sofa, keeping a watchful eye on Mrs Brown's hand, and then reached over with his other hand. It took an agonizing minute, filled with the soundtrack of soft coos, Carol's soft moans, and the wet suckling sound of smacking lips and a flicking tongue, as Carol was seemingly obsessed with the breast milk she was recieving, for him to reach it.

He heaved with the effort, hoping Mrs Brown hadn't noticed. Sweat began to trickle down his face, the effort, and the sheer will needed to bring himself away from the scene playing out beside him, was unreal.

Suddenly, he was doubled over. His stomach was growling, angrily. He forced one eye open, fighting through the discomfort, and began to pull himself up. His stomach responded with a painful cramp, and a loud groan. He gasped in pain, not knowing what had brought on this sudden feeling, when a cool hand on his shoulder sank into him like ice.

"You can feel that can't you, that hunger..." she moaned, and slipped her arm around his neck.

He panicked, trying to get away from her snaking arm sealing his fate, but it was in vain. He was spent, and it was taking all of his strength to stay upright despite his stomach cramping.

"You need my milk now... it's just going to get worse until you've been fed..." she muttered, in a sickeningly delighted tone.

Slowly, he felt the weight of her arm begin to pull him back, and he began to sob in defeat, half out of sorrow, and half out of relief.

"Noo...ooohh..." he sighed, and felt her soft flesh welcoming him...

He felt her breast mold around his face as he was rolled over, and a very pronounced "gurgle" came from within. He could see from his perspective, and watched intently, as a little spurt of milk erupted, and began to dribble down her thick nipple like a volcano...

He felt himself being pushed across her breast, her flesh bowing beneath him like a wave in the ocean, helpless to resist as he was latched on to her nipple.

Immediately, the feeling of his lips on her nipple sent waves of satisfaction through her, and her milk spurted freely into his mouth. He tried to ignore it. He tried to avoid it.But her hand was on the back of his neck, softly massaging it, encouraging him to swallow.

It was like night and day. As soon as the first drops hit his stomach, the pain was gone. It felt so good. So unimaginably good. It tasted like the most delicious milk, sweeter than life itself. He felt his eyes grow heavy, and his breathing slowing down. In his head, he knew he had to fight it, but on a deeper level he knew it was already over. His shoulders untensed, and began to naturally settle into her cradling arm.

He sobbed with defeat as he felt her lifting his legs and back across her lap. He could feel the naked form of Carol next to him, facing the opposite direction, could hear her soft suckling sounds. A single tear dripped down his cheek, as he realised, it was over. He resolved in his mind, even as his body betrayed him. He couldn't give up. They couldn't give up. They couldn't give in...

For so long, it seemed, time just stretched out. Everything was silent. Mrs Brown breathed heavily, and cooed softly to the pair nursing from her titanic tits. Carol and Steven just breathed silently, nursing away, their breath cooly blowing across Mrs Brown's breasts delightfully. The occasional moan after a swallow of her thick, creamy, sweet milk was all that broke the silence.

Eventually, Steven felt his stomach begin to groan... this time, instead of being empty, it was full... desperately full. His stomach felt so bloated... as though he'd been making space inside him just for more of her delicious, wonderful milk.

He wondered how long they had laid there, unable to escape, resist, her tantalizing nipples, and their unbelievable milk... how much had they drank? It felt like a gallon, at least. He felt his stomach below him, and it was full. It felt big, like he'd eaten more than he'd ever eaten before in his life.

Mrs Brown sat up gently, seemingly trying to avoid disturbing him or Carol, her hands moving around to support their heads as she shifted up gently.

"Mmmmhh... now, isnt that just sooo much better?" she whispered huskily.

He tried to ignore it, but deep down he was loving the warm, fuzzy feeling that was all over him. His lips felt numb from the constant sucking, but he felt a deep need to suckle something. He didn't want to stop. He didn't have the willpower in him. He couldn't stop. He didn't even want to try.

Somewhere lower down on his body, he could feel his body responding to the flood of pheromones in his body. His cock felt harder than he could ever remember it being. He felt Carol's leg graze against it and his whole body twitched in response.

Mrs Brown seemed to notice, and he felt her hand begin to massage down his back.

"Seems like someone needs a little attention, hmmm??" she said, "And I'd be willing to bet... this little girl here is just as needy, huh?"

With a deft hand, she slipped around behind Carol's back, and began to gently run her fingers across her nipples. Carol moaned into Mrs Brown's nipple, which elicited a satisfied shiver from her in turn. Their nipples were obviously very sensitive, considerably more so he guessed after what seemed like hours of suckling.

"I bet you two are feeling pre-tty hor-ny right now..." she cooed, and her arms slithered around them like snakes. She pushed them past each other, so they were almost sitting side by side, and laid them back. She opened her thighs up, and let them slide into the quite considerable valley between her legs, their legs draped over either of hers.

All the while, they were unable, or unwilling, to stop suckling that milk. In the back of his mind he knew what was coming, but there was nothing he could do to stop it. His entire being was focused on the feeling of nursing for that sweet, sweet milk. Any thoughts of attempts at resistance were crushed by his newfound addiciton.

He felt his hands drift to his hardening cock, but his body lacked all sentiment of strength. He was barely able to massage his hardening cock, succeeding only in teasing himself. He could see Carol similarly trying to stimulate herself, but it was a fumbling attempt, and she began to grunt in frustration.

He heard a click behind him, and there was a new scent, something he could smell over the musk of arousal, and her milk in his mouth. He watched from his position, nestled under her breast, as a bottle of clear baby oil drifted over them, and she began to drip it onto her hand.

"You poor dears... you must need to cum so badly..." she cooed, "my poor babies..." she added, softly.

He felt before he saw the warm, wet sensation of baby oil begin to drip from her soaked hands onto his dick. Her arm had wrapped around behind his back, and her hand was poised to strike at his exposed cock.

With an almost delicate touch, she began to wrap her slimy wet fingers round his shaft, and he stopped sucking for the first time since he'd started to gasp in shock. His cock was more sensitive than it had ever felt in his life, and her hand felt like it had a mind of it's own, slimy fingers dancing across his rock-hard cock.

He shuddered at the overwhelming sensation, his body doubling over in response, unable to even breathe. Her hand glided up and down along his cock, slapping down against his bloated belly, and sliding right up to his tip, slowly, gently, letting every inch count.

Across from him, he saw her hand delicately slide around Carol's midriff, and dip down into her thighs. He stared on in a mix of arousal, and regret, as Carol began to literally shudder with satisfaction, as her fingers began to curl across her clit, and into her soaking pussy.

Carol, too, seemed overwhelmed enough to cease her nursing. Her tongue lolled against Mrs Brown's breast, milk dripping down from her unattended nipple...

"Come on... I know how much you need to cum..." she cooed down at them, all the while, her massive tits provided a perfect pillow for them to rest against as they squirmed and moaned under her ministrations, "my poor little horny babies..."

He felt his entire body tensing as her hand reached his oh-so sensitive head, breathing in sharply, only to release it as the satisfaction of her every down-stroke overcame him. Over and over, up and down, he could feel his mind turning to mush amidst the sensations of her massive breast pressing against him, and her incredible-feeling hand, so slippery and wet on his dick.

Carol seemed to be faring no better, in utter ecstasy as her body writhed under the feeling of Mrs Brown's fingers plunging in and out of her pussy. Her clit was practically on fire as it was constantly teased back and forth, sending jolts up her spine as she rode wave after wave of sheer bliss.

All the while, Mrs Brown was staring down at her, smiling as she watched the girl slowly lose all semblance of control.

"Yes... that's it... it feels soooo gooood, doesnt it? Let those feelings take over... just give in to it... " she cooed, in a sickly sweet tone, "you need it... I can tell... oooh yesss... my horny little baby... who just needs to cum sooo badly..."

Watching Carol's body writhe and moan, watching those fingers plunge in and out of her pussy over and over, and hearing the frustratingly arousing baby talk from Mrs Brown, was all contributing to pushing him closer and closer to the edge. He couldn't look away, and he couldn't stop listening, and he couldn't ignore them... and he definetly couldn't ignore the heavenly slick hand stroking him purposefully... and yet just slow enough to be building him slowly, teasingly.

Suddenly, Carol's hands began to grasp at Mrs Brown's forearm, before she began thrusting up and down, using it as leverage, impaling herself on Mrs Brown's fingers as Carol began to frantically hump her hand.

"Theeere we go, thaaats it..." Mrs Brown began encouraging her, as Carol began openly humping her hand, "Cum for me, thaaats it, good girl, goooood giiiirl... cum like a good girl for me... cum... come on my horny little baby... come on you can do it..."

The babytalk seemed to be having an effect, whether she liked it or not, Carol was practically manic at this point. With a rising crescendo of moans, which soon became cries, she built to a mind-blowing peak. Her breath came in shorter and shorter gasps until she breathlessly came, forcing her body down on Mrs Brown's fingers, and breathlessly mouthing a silent prayer.

For what seemed like forever she remained almost frozen there as a statue to orgasms, before she finally released the groan of someone coming up for air after a lifetime beneath the waves. She pressed her head into Mrs Brown's waiting breast, moaning into the colossal flesh, a tidal wave of pleasure crashing down across her...

Steven was captivated by the sight, watching his friend orgasm in such a statuesque fashion, despite the situation, he would have been compelled to watch. As she began to very slowly come down from her inconcievable high. She slumped back into Mrs Brown's waiting arm, head lolling uselessly, perfectly cushioned by Mrs Brown's perfect cushions.

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Re: Tales of the Futapocalypse
« Reply #10 on: January 15, 2013, 07:42:46 pm »
"Mmmhhh... good girl... you came sooo haaard..." Mrs Brown cooed, "now... just to get our baby boy here to cum..." she added with malice.

He felt her fingers begin to swivel across his head, tantalizingly,and she began to squeeze tighter with every stroke, as if she were literally trying to wring the cum from his cock. His breath caught in his throat, the sheer arousal from the sight he had been witness to leaving him unprepared for the slippery assault now being made upon his cock.

"My good little boy... I bet he loved watching such a beautiful baby girl make such a beautiful cummy for mummy..." she giggled at her joke, her mountains of tit-flesh resounding in ways that made a mockery of physics, "and now it's your turn big boy... hmm hmm... and such a good boy... sitting here so obediently for me... getting so horny for me... you want to cum for me, don't you... you want to cum for Mrs Brown... yeeesss... my good little boy... you want to cum for me... you want to shoot your cum in my slippery hand, that's making you feel soooo gooood..."

He couldn't let it get to him, the baby talk was what had sent Carol over the edge. He couldn't let it control him! He tried to focus on something, anything else. It was an effort in itself not to just turn back to the nipple digging into his cheek. He saw Carol, panting like she'd run a mile, as Mrs Brown began to softly massage the back of her neck, encouraging her to suckle again... which Carol began to do with much less resistance.

He looked up, and saw Mrs Brown staring straight down at him.

"My poor, helpless little baby boy... so desperate to cum... but then you know you'll be like her... wouldn't it be so much easier to just give in? Just give in to how good it feels, become my baby boy... cum and drink, drink and cum, over and over... never have to worry about anything but being a good baby boy for me...?"

It was just another trick, getting him to listen... but it was working...

He did want to let go. Of everything. Stop worrying, stop running, stop hiding... just give in to a life like this... NO! He couldn't... had to...

That farmiliar tingle in his groin, somewhere inside him, he felt it building inside him, that tickle that told him it was show time. He could already feel the pumping, building feeling, butterflies in his stomach, and every nerve on his dick suddenly became more and more sensitive, which made it feel better and better, and pushed him closer and closer.

He felt his balls contract, the natural response to such overwhelming pleasure, so close...

"Mmmmhh...." Mrs Brown cooed, "thaaaats it... I can tell you're close... my little baby boy... my little cum baby... you're gonna cum for me... you wanna cum sooo badly..."

He felt his ass wriggling beneath him, as if trying to escape the overwhelming sensations coming from his dick. His hips began to buck, sharply, until it was hard to stay still...

"My gooood little boy... you want to cum for me... you need it... it feels sooo goood, how could you resist it? I can tell, you just wanna hump my slippery hand... you wanna fuck my slippery fingers... you want me to wrap them around your cock, nice and tight... then you can just fuck yourself silly, cum in my hand... all you have to do is just start thrusting... push your little hips up... up... push them up... come on... feel how gooood my hands feels around your slippery cock... so desperate to cum... thrust up into my hand... come on... you can do it..."

Her relentless verbal assault was just too much. Steven couldn't help his primal urge to start thrusting up, especially with such a tantalizing teasestress telling him to...

Just then, he felt her let go of his cock almost altogether, just leaving her fingertips swerving around his oh-so sensitive head. He bit his lip at the sudden lack of stimulation, and began to whimper. He was so close... so close...

He knew he couldn't, he'd be lost if he did, but the urge to fuck just boiled over. With a spasm, his hips thrusted forward once... and it felt so good, even into her fingertips, it was just a natural reaction, out of his control. He starting bucking, thrusting, rutting, helplessly...

"Thaaats a goood boooyyy..." she cooed delighted, "I knew you'd give in in the end... now just fuck, fuck my hand, fuck my fingers..."

He began to cry at the sheer frustration of it. Her fingertips were barely any stimulation, but he couldn't stop, he just couldn't. He was just so close... but never had an orgasm seemed to far away... He shamelessly let the tears roll down his cheeks, a combination of frustration at his situation, his defeat, and with the sheer agony of this level of pleasure.

"There we go... cum for me... cum for me my good baby boy... cum for me... cum! Cum! CUM! CUM!"

With that, she finally grasped him in earnest, wrapping her fingers around his cock gloriously, finally allowing him the release he so sorely needed.

He began to scream in one long, low, note. He felt his cum inch it's way up his cock, so slowly it was like it was literally being dragged out of him, and felt the crest of the wave finally crash. He felt like he was dying, but had never felt so alive. Her hand felt like the most perfect heaven... and he felt himself finally gain release.

He came, and came, felt stream after stream of cum shoot out onto her hand, onto his thighs, onto Mrs Brown's collossal breasts, and had he been in any state to notice, onto Carol's unnoticing cheek, and her chest.

Mrs Brown stared down at the pair, her babies... her helpless little cum sluts... all hers to take advantage of, helplessly addicted to her huge tits, her heavenly milk... She was overjoyed. It had taken so little to break them... and now they were hers. What resistance remained would do little to get in the way of her pleasures...

Gently, she left the pair to come down from their orgasm, pulling them close to her bosom, letting them slowly drift to an inevitable sleep, after the exertion she had put them through. She just lay there, relishing the feel of their soft breathing on her breasts, their chests slowly rising and falling in what was probably the most contented sleep of their lives...

Steven awoke what could have been hours later, for all he knew. He opened his bleary eyes, to the sight of Mrs Brown lifting Carol by her neck, and her knees. She seemed half asleep, by the way she leant her head against Mrs Brown, but from the look in her eyes, Steven could tell she was awake, just dazed, and weak. Just like he felt.

He tried to move, but everything felt so heavy. He felt water-logged, like every part of him weighed more than it should. It was hard enough just to lift his head up so he could follow the pair.

"How long were we asleep?" he wondered, warily.

Mrs Brown was taking her over to the padded tables he had seen earlier. Very gently, Mrs Brown laid her down, delicately letting Carol flatten out. She had somewhere along the line managed to change her shirt, although from the glimpse he got, new wet patches were already forming themselves.

"Now my dear, we have to make sure baby can't have any accidents, don't we?" she said in that sickeningly overly-sweet tone of hers, which much as Steven hated it, he couldn't help but feel his mind responding to, and he was certain was already beginning to grate for Carol, being the centre of her attention.

"My good little baby girl... we wouldn't want her doing anything bad, now would we?" Mrs Brown mused, and Carol was beginning to wonder what she meant, a slight chill beginning to trickle down her spine.

"And who could forget about our baby boy here?" she added, as she turned back to Steven.

Suddenly he realised how Carol must have felt before, as vertigo took over, unused to being so easily lifted. He was amazed at how with one arm under his knees, and another under his back, in his weakened state he was effectively helpless, his arms hanging limply across his chest. His head lolled naturally, and rested on her massive bust. He felt his head swim again momentarily as he was lowered, seemingly effortlessly, onto the padded table, which was cool but soft beneath him.

"There we are. Now, just one moment my dears..." Mrs Brown said cheerily, and began busying herself with a large plastic container, between the two tables.

Steven rolled his head over to one side, and was able to see Carol over the hump of Mrs Brown's back between them. Carol seemed to be breathing rather heavily, and he wondered if it was still whatever effect Mrs Brown's milk had had coursing through her system.

If she felt anything like he did right now, then he understood. He felt like his nerve endings were more sensitive. He was much more aware of every sensation. The cool air in the room, the almost wet-cold feeling of the plastic-leather coated padding beneath him. He had had morning wood before, but he only now realised just how sensitive his cock felt. Every little twitch was a little shock to his brain, and it felt so delightfully tense.

"Carol..." he whispered, hoping not to be heard over Mrs Brown's busied humming.

She seemed to hear him, and gave a half hearted look his way, but he could see a bead of sweat forming on her forehead, and her chest was flush. He knew how she felt.

The cool air must be doing wonders for her nipples. Her ears felt like a finger was gently caressing them under her hair. The air currents on her stomach felt like little ripples.

Oh god, her pussy was quivering. Every twitch, every little spasm, send shocks through her, causing more twitches... she could feel how wet she was. Her clit was erect and the air felt like an icy wind. It would have been painful if it hadn't felt so damn good. She hated what that woman had done to her, and was loving it.

"Ah, here we go!" Mrs Brown chimed triumphantly, and stood back up to tower over them. The tables left them at waist-height to her, and powerless to do anything but wait and see what she had in store.

"This, my dears, is a very soft silk." she said, her motherly tone temporarily set aside for a more educational one.

"On your skin..." she continued, "considering how you both probably feel right now, it will feel like heaven itself."

She let a few inches of it trail across Carol's taut stomach, and her response was immediate. Her back arched off the table, and a low moan escaped her lips, before being quickly stifled for an agonized and ecstasized whimper.

"Mmmhhh, yes, I thought so..." she said, with smug satisfaction, obviously loving every moment of their helpless situation.

Leaning in close to Carol's ear, she added, "Imagine how good it's going to feel wearing it, my dear?"

Steven could practically see Carol's eyes widen at the thought. Her breathing sharpened.

"Come on my dear, let's get you dressed..." she chuckled softly.

Making sure to trail it deliberately across Carol's knee, and then up her inner thigh, Mrs Brown settled the long sash of silk across her midsection, and then lightly lifted Carol's hips up, to loop it underneath her. Carol was twitching under her delicate ministrations, but it didn't hinder Mrs Brown at all.

By rolling her slightly onto her back, Mrs Brown was able to wrap the silk sash around her midsection, and down across her mons, several times. At last, with a baby pin, she secured it.

"A diaper. Of course.", Steven thought.

As Carol was settled down, she seemed alright, the activity of the silk being quite pleasurable, but at least it was deliberate. It was only once she was laid down, and the silk was all-but stationary, only being moved by the involuntary muscular spasms of her hyper-aroused state, and the cool air currents in the room, that the true scope of Mrs Brown's plot was revealed.

Carol at first felt as though she was being teased all across her groin by feather-light touches. From there, it merely got worse, as for every reactionary twitch, it caused an involuntary wriggle. For every little movement, every little attempt to escape the steadily growing teasing, became a squirming, hopeless affair.

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Re: Tales of the Futapocalypse
« Reply #11 on: January 15, 2013, 07:44:32 pm »
Within moments, she was left a writhing, moaning wreck.

Mrs Brown watched with tender care, as Carol broke down, her body betraying her in a cascading fashion of merciless teasing.

"And now, my baby boy... it's your turn." Mrs Brown said, as she turned predatorily on Steven.

Steven immediately began to struggle as if his life depended on it, though his body's reaction was commendable given his state, it was ultimately futile, barely a mockery of the writhing state Carol was in just a few feet away.

"No fussing now, my good little boy, you're gonna be a good boy for me... don't you see how much Carol loves hers?" she asked, with obvious relish.

Steven renewed his struggle, as Mrs Brown leant over him...

The first touch of silk on his cock was like ice, and he jumped as much as he could in response. However, with a solitary finger, Mrs Brown held his hard cock flat against his stomach, as she began to wrap her silken sash around and around, before looping it between his legs and under.

The feeling of the silk all across his cock, and embarassingly, between his ass cheeks, was almost indescribable. It felt like being immersed in the slickest, softest, smoothest substance, and no matter what he did, being unable to turn away from it, or escape it.

She tucked the silk in between his cock and his stomach, and he felt it smother his head in very teasing sensations.

As she laid him back down, his mind was racing, but he forced it to be still. He had to be still. He couldn't fall into the same trap Carol had.

But it was just too much...

It felt like the most teasing pair of lips wrapped around his cockhead, while a devilish tongue mercilessly tortured his sensitive tip. Every little movement sent him closer and closer to the edge, until it was simply unavoidable.

The dam broke all at once, and every muscle he'd been desperately holding taut released. He began to groan as his every movement became it's own torment. Beside him on the other table, Carol's groans mirrored his own. He moaned in sympathy, as he now fully understood the sheer torment she had been in, and now, he was too...

Within minutes, the pair were utterly helpless, writhing in the agony of their own ecstasy.

"There we are now..." Mrs Brown cooed soothingly to them, in utter mockery of their situations, "my good little babies..."

Carol finally managed to get a hand onto her stomach, and pushed it down, desperate to stimulate herself.

Mrs Brown intercepted it, and held her hand scant inches away from the relief she so sorely needed. Carol grunted with desperation, trying to break her grip, although she really had no chance.

"Now now, we wouldn't want you being naughty, would we my dear?" Mrs Brown clipped, and swiftly withdrew an odd, fuzzy object from the container.

Carol eyed them cautiously, before Mrs Brown seperated it, and she realised what they were. Mrs Brown forced the extremely thick, fuzzy mittens onto her hands. With no finger-holes, they simply gloved her entire hand. They were so thick, she could barely manipulate them.

On the outside, they were covered in very thick fuzz, but it was so soft, it just collapsed under the slightest pressure. Mrs Carol then went to her wrists, and using a velcro strap, secured them tightly.

Then, she simply let go of her hands, leaving them resting at her sides.

In desperation, even though deep down she knew it was futile, she managed to get another hand to her crotch, and desperately tried to bend the glove and wrap her fingers across her mons.

The fibres just gave way, and were like the faintest tickle on top of the feather-like teasing of the silk. She was just making things worse. As she tried to gain some relief, she was just pushing herself further and further over the edge.

No matter how hard she pressed, the sensations were only barely more concrete, simply becoming more and more teasing instead of relieving any tension.

Carol cried out in frustration, bringing over her other hand, using it to try to press her first hand in harder, but to no avail.

Steven looked on, his heart crying out in sympathy, before he felt an utterly cold chill run through him as Mrs Brown turned on him...

He tried to spread his fingers, to make it harder for her to slip them on, but it only bought him moments. Mrs Brown soon had him as helpless as Carol, and though he had just watched Carol try the same thing, he couldn't help himself.

He tried his hardest to press his hands in, to give him something to thrust against, but it was just a tantalizing web of teasing and tickling on his oh-so-sensitive cock.

He grunted, his throat tightening with the effort of trying to relieve his cock.

He threw his arms to either side in defeat, and felt his hips mindlessly thrusting into the silk, practically into thin air, with just the slightest, utterly frustrating teasing, driving him more and more insane with need.

Mrs Brown just brought her hands to her cheeks, watching as the pair struggled and writhed in utter frustraion.

"Oh you cute little dears, my poor horny little babies... is it really that bad?" she mewled sweetly, before chuckling to herself.

It was all too much for Carol. Everything, all they had seen, all they had to endure...

A single tear began to crawl down her cheek, and she sobbed with utter frustration, and complete hopelessness. That was too much for Steven. He felt his eyes itch softly, and felt the tears well up.

Together, the pair cried against their situation, trapped by their own bodies in an endless cycle of tease and response, and further teasing. Mrs Brown simply smiled.

"Aww my poor horny little babies, no tears... come here..." she cooed soothingly, and leaned over, lifting Carol as easily as before, albeit now she was squirming as if her life depended on it.

She brought her over to the sofa, and soon had Steven to join them, leaving the wriggling, desperate pair lodged on either side of her.

Even through their hyper-sensitized delerium, they could feel Mrs Brown shifting them, until their faces were once again pressed into her bountiful boob-flesh, and softly patted their heads.

The pair simply sobbed, writhing in their frustratingly simple, utterly teasing restraints.

At some point, maybe hours later, exhaustion took over, and they fell into a very fitful sleep. Dreams filled with sexual images, and of constant teasing, and denial...

Carol awoke, some time later, and felt Mrs Brown holding her close. Her huge, heavy breasts swayed back and forth with her every breath.

"My little baby girl... I bet you're quite hungry by now, huh?" Mrs Brown cooed softly.

The dummy/gag in her mouth kept her from replying, but it was quite obvious from the look in her eye that her hunger had grown substantially... It was getting much worse now... But she couldn't give in to it. The feeling of the dummy in her mouth was just like a nipple... she couldn't help but run her tongue over it, and she kept catching her lips suckling on it...

Her arms were bound behind her, making any kind of resistance all but impossible. Carol gave what she hoped was a disgruntled look, but may have just come across as longing, if Mrs Brown's response was anything to go by.

"Mmmmhh..." Mrs Brown moaned, and Carol could see her softly massaging the very evident bulge in her jogging pants, "and I'm pretty hungry too... for something a little more than milk..."

Mrs Brown lifted her easily, and settled Carol in her lap. Beneath her, Carol could feel her hard shaft, even through the thick bottoms, digging in a what she wished was uncomfortable way into her... She settled Carol's legs on either side of her hips, and began to slowly lower them.

Mrs Brown's large, bulbous head slipped out, leaving a wet stain on the waistband of her bottoms. She cooed at the cool feeling of the air against her raging, hot length, and eventually peeled away her pre-cum soaked bottoms. The scnet coming from them was all-encompassing, and Carol found herself bombarded by it.

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Re: Tales of the Futapocalypse
« Reply #12 on: January 15, 2013, 07:44:54 pm »
"Mmmh... my baby girl loooves my cock, doesn't she?" she said soothingly, as she began to grind her dick against Carol's mons, softly.

The slick, hot feeling of her pre-soaked cock against Carol's exposed lips was almost too much for her to handle in her state, but she knew it was nothing compared to what Mrs Brown had in mind...

"Mmmmgghhhh..." Carol moaned, and looked away, eyes shut, trying to ignore the feelings already beginning to well up within her.

"Mmmm yesss..." Mrs Brown hissed as her cock slid almost effortlessly between Carol's legs, "my good baby girl... so helpless... so horny... I know you want this..." she moaned, "and I knooowww... you want theeessseee..." she groaned, as she began massaging her voluptuous tits through her shirt.

Already, two distinct dark wet spots were beginning to develop on her shirt, and the scent of her milk had already begun to make it's way to Carol's senses, above even the overpowering scent of Mrs Brown's musk... Somewhere within her, a craving deeper than anything she had known before began to rear it's head.

"Ghhhh..." Carol groaned into her gag, a small trail of saliva making it's way around it.

"Here you go baby, my baby girl..." Mrs Brown began to coo, as she slowly peeled away her shirt, revealing her colossal breasts. They pooled out, one after the other, in a way that still boggled Carol's mind. With a relieved sigh, her breasts swayed freely in the cool air, and her nipples began to express a few little droplets of milk.

Carol's eyes were fixed on the little white pearls of milk, tantalizingly making their way down her nipples, onto the great creamy expanse of her breasts. Every little "jump" and "drop" of each droplet was utterly hypnotic... Carol felt like a deer caught in the headlights.

Her eyes suddenly screwed shut as Mrs Brown began to slowly massage her clit with her fingers, sending pulses through her, and sending her pulse all a-flutter. Carol's knees gave way, and she pressed down bodily into Mrs Brown's thick dick, which in turn just applied more pressure to her clit.

"Awww, my poor horny widdle baby girlll..." Mrs Brown cooed teasingly, "is it just too much for her to take? Is her pussy just sooo sen-si-tive?"

All Carol could do in response was shudder, and feel her body begin to respond. She could feel how wet she was, though there wasnt much need for more lubrication at this point. Mrs Brown's fingers were like a teasing pair of tongues, toying with her achingly sensitive pussy and clit.

"I bet my horny little girl wants something mooore than just my fingers..." Mrs Brown said with purpose, "She wants this nice, thick cock inside her... is that what my baby girl wants? Hmmm?" In response to this, she began teasing Carol even more mercilessly.

Carol groaned and shook, and much as she hated to admit it, Mrs Brown was right. Right now, there was nothing she wanted more than that cock inside her. She wanted it. She NEEDED it. But she knew if Mrs Brown did fuck her, she'd lose control again... and it was getting harder and harder to think straight...

It was her milk, that damned milk, something in it was just pushing everything else aside, making her more obedient, making her want it, making her so damn horny... so sensitive like this...

"Maybe my little baby girl needs some convincing, hmmm? I know how hungry you arrreee..." she mused, "Does my baby girl want something to drink?"

No, she couldn't. She'd never be able to stay in control if she did. It was hard enough as it is... nnghh.. bad choice of words... Mrs Brown reached out a hand behind her head, delicately caressing her ear, which in her current state, Carol found it hard not to react to. With a soft click, Carol felt the dummy in her mouth come loose, and Mrs Brown removed it.

Carol's mouth hung open... and the effect was immediate. She felt her lips rub together as if searching for the missing sensation of having something there. She felt her tongue searching for a hard nub... god, this wasn't going to be easy.

"My poor, horny little baby girl... I can see how much you want it..." Mrs Brown said softly, and lifted a finger to her nipple, catching some of her milk on it, before lifting it to Carol's lips, "Here you go..." she cooed, and rubbed it against her lips, in a very erotic way.

The smell was practically forcing itself upon her now, and Carol had to bite down on her tongue to keep it from venturing out to taste, and lick that tantalizing finger tip. She was fighting a losing battle. With a wracked sob, she caved, and opened her lips to lick at the faux-nipple. She immediately felt the urge to suckle on it, and was powerless to hold back.

"There we go... my good little baby girl... tastes so good, feels so good... right?" she whispered.

She began to massage her nipple, before lowering an arm around and under her massive breast, in order to lift it up, bringing the nipple up to Carol's mouth. The stark contrast of her large red nipple, in the midst of a field of white, creamy boob flesh, was like a bullseye on a dart board. It was hard to look away, as much as Carol tried.

Mrs Brown removed her finger, before she began to caress Carol's sensitized lips with her nipple. The same trick, and this time, it was much harder to fight it. A few agonizing moments later, and as Carol felt her will begin to weaken, she screwed her eyes shut, and wrenched her head away.

"Hmmm... a fussy baby girl still, huh? No matter, pretty soon you'll be begging me to feed you... every day, you'll be waking up, just making cute little faces with your lips... asking me, begging me for more of my milk..." Mrs Brown groaned at her own words, and began to gently squeeze her dick with her free hand.

"I'll show you how baby, here... watch..." she said, as she heaved her considerably weighted breast up, and latched on to her own nipple.

Carol looked on disconcertedly, as Mrs Brown began to drink her own milk slowly, pausing now and then to moan in satisfaction. Finally, she looked up, and merely smiled at Carol. She bent in towards her, and wrapped a hand behind Carol's head. When Carol realised what she was doing, it was too late to respond. Mrs Brown latched her lips on to Carol's, and forced her tongue inside. She pinched Carol's nose with her other hand, and as Carol opened her lips in surprise, a torrent of warm milk passed between them.

Mrs Brown passionately kissed her, her tongue exploring every facet of Carol's mouth. The milk trickled down her throat, and she could only swallow in response. When she was finally done, Mrs Brown released Carol with a wet smack, and a trail of saliva from her tongue leading back to Carol's mouth.

Carol panted, finally allowed to breathe, but that wasn't the only reason. The flood of milk hormones in her system was already having an effect. She felt a tingle from the tips of her toes to her nose to her fingertips to her clit, and she could feel her body heating up under the effects.

She began to grind, despite herself, against the thick length between her legs. It was too much. She wanted it. She needed it. But no, she couldn't, she... she...

Mrs Brown pulled her head to her breast, and held her there.

No! No! She had to resist! Had to... fight it... no... fight...

She felt her mouth betray her, the milk flowing freely between her lips. She groaned in satisfaction, hating herself for it, knowing she had sealed her own fate. She nuzzled Mrs Brown's breast, doing everything she could to get as much of her wonderful milk as she could.

"Good girl... My good baby girl..." Mrs Brown moaned as she began to caress Carol's hair, holding her close,"my good girl... my horny baby girl... my helpless little baby..."

Mrs Brown began to pump her dick, her hand only barely making it all the way round it's girth. She lifted her leg slightly, bending her knee, lifting Carol up, until the head of her dick was pressing at Carol's pussy. Then, she just began to tease it, in and out, up and down.

"My baby girl wants my cock, doesn't she? Hmmm?" She moaned softly, "Does my baby girl want me to fuck her, pump her mouth and her pussy full of my nice creamy milk? She wants that doesn't she... My adorable little baby girl... she wants this nice thick cock inside her, she wants to feel it inside her awfully sensitive pussy... and me rubbing my cock against her must be just so hard to bear..."

Carol groaned in frustration, even as her tongue lapped hungrily at the nipple giving her an unending supply of hormonal milk. She knew what it meant to say yes, but she knew Mrs Brown was right. She wanted it so badly, and the way she was toying with her was driving her crazy!

Carol began whimpering, torn between resistance and desire. She felt her legs grinding together around Mrs Brown's leg,  trying to force her cock in just the slightest bit more, to give her the satisfaction she so sorely needed. She was grinding desperately just against the head, and she hated herself for it... but god did she want it.

"My poor little baby girl... I can tell how much you want it... I can feel you desperate to feel me fill you up inside... you want my cock... you need it dont you... and you want me to pump you full of my creamy milk..." she groaned with every line, getting hornier with every moment, "I can feel your pussy drooling like your hungry little mouth... just another hole that wants my milk... well I'll give you what you want... my good little baby girl... I'll fuck my little girl... I'll give her what she needs..."

She plunged her dick into Carol, and her screams were unreal. She began to cry and scream, and moan, into the massive breast which occupied her whole field of vision. She turned her head to one side, resting it against the massive wall of tit-flesh.

Mrs Brown grunted with satisfaction, relishing in the feeling of Carol's hot, wet, needy, gripping walls wrapped around her, twitching and caressing her from the inside, as if begging her for her cum. As Mrs Brown began to bounce Carol up and down on top of her dick, letting gravity pull her down each time, and relishing the feeling of her pussy delightfully gobbling up her cock with every drop, she began to moan and groan in a sigh of relief.

Carol was beside herself with pleasure, the feeling of that huge dick stirring up her pussy, so hard and full inside her, was so utterly erotic. Mrs Brown clamped a hand on the back of Carol's head, though, and forced it back on to her nipple.

"Keep sucking." came the curt order from Mrs Brown.

Carol felt the milk from her breast flow if possible even more now, like a steady stream, filling her mouth, so she had to swallow every couple of thrusts. Mrs Brown's breast was so large, even their rugged fucking didnt do much to dislodge Carol, it was molded to her chest and neck, leaving the nipple propped and easily accessible to her oh-so hungry mouth, while Mrs Brown fed her cock to Carol's oh-so hungry pussy.

Carol could feel Mrs Brown's cock fucking her so hard, so deep, though she couldn't see anything below the colossal cleavage clouding her view. Mrs Brown's tits were jiggling, sending ripples and waves through them with every thrust, every bounce, every slap of cock into pussy. All the while Mrs Brown was forcing her to drink mouthful after mouthful of warm, thick, creamy, sweet, irresistible breast milk. Carol hated it. Carol loved it.

She groaned and moaned, and grunted, and whimpered in lust, the sheer sexuality of their actions overwhelming her, leaving her a shivering wreck atop the thick futa cock plunging it's way in and out of her pussy.

She felt before she heard Mrs Brown reaching her limit. She felt the cock inside her begin to twitch and pulse with every thrust, she felt her thighs between Carol's legs begin to twitch, she felt her thrusts grow harder, deeper... Then Mrs Brown began to grunt, louder and louder.

"Ugh - ughh... ungghhh... Oh my baby girl... her pussy feels so gooood... she wants my cum... im gonna feed her all the milk... she could ever want... nggghhhh... UGHHH..."

Carol began to groan in need. She did want it. She felt her pussy begin to constrict, tighten in the anticipation of Mrs Brown's impending orgasm, and inevitably her own. She could feel a heat rising in her, her toes behind her curling and splaying out like electricity was running through her. She wanted it.

As Mrs Brown began to rut into Carol harder and harder, the pair began to grunt in tandem. Every thrust, every slap, every moan, together, as Mrs Brown drove them both closer and closer to orgasm.

Carol felt Mrs Brown's balls tighten beneath her, and felt her cock pulse and twitch, and even grow inside her, it seemed to swell with the impending cum...

Carol shrieked in need, desperate, unable to take it anymore. She needed to cum, she needed that dick to cum inside her.

"Yeah.. yeah... uh.... my baby girl... my little baby girl... cum for me... cum for me... my baby... girl... ughh.. fuck.. fuck... FUCK FUCK FUCK..." Mrs Brown began to grunt louder and louder, as Carol simply began to cry out again and again, as Mrs Brown thrust up once, twice, and began to frantically fuck in and out of Carol's gripping, desperate pussy.

"FUCK - FUCK - UNNHHH - FUUUUCK - GHHHKKK-" she groaned, and with a bestial growl, she came, hard and deep.

Carol felt her cum, and it set her off. She felt every nerve ending in her body cry out in ecstasy, in praise of this big dicked goddess fucking her.

The pair stayed glued together at the hip, Carol pinned down, her pussy frantically twitching around Mrs Brown's titanic cock.

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Re: Tales of the Futapocalypse
« Reply #13 on: January 15, 2013, 11:16:52 pm »
so uh, that's all thats been written so far. if you guys have any input, go for it :)

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Re: Tales of the Futapocalypse
« Reply #14 on: January 27, 2013, 06:24:58 pm »
so as soon as im done with a very lovely person's very lovely commission work, ima get back to work on this if i can. in case anyone wondered :P


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