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Author Topic: Writing Prompts  (Read 1039 times)

Offline misty.miss.t

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Writing Prompts
« on: May 21, 2016, 10:57:40 pm »
Hey everyone! I want to flex my writing muscles so I will be taking short writing prompts. They can  be basically whatever you want but anything I make for this will be less than 500 words.

I will be using these as practice and examples for commissions (which people can buy based on length) and they can be about basically anything. (Illegality and morality excluded- I also have the right to say NO to anything.)

So ask away, just give me a short sentence about what you want or even a few keywords!
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Offline misty.miss.t

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Re: Writing Prompts
« Reply #1 on: May 22, 2016, 12:10:40 am »
"Prompt from Mr_Writer: A girl finds a sex toy hat slowly warps her mind and makes her want to use it more and more"

NSFW  (kind of duh)

Amelia wasn't sure what to expect when she found a box under her bed that she didn't recognize. But it certainly wasn't what she got.
The day after possibly the worst birthday ever, Amelia discovered the gift-wrapped package. It had a delicate bow and a note with only her name on it. She had left it to go to work, but now that she was home she decided to open it and treat herself.
She delicately pulled off the paper and opened the smooth box. In the middle of a cushion sat what looked like a glass dildo, beautiful and clear with ribbons of color twisted through the middle. She blushed deeply and quickly replaced the lid, shoving the box under her bed. Was it a joke? She wasn't sure, but trying to forget it, quickly went to her kitchen to make herself dinner and try to push the past few days out of her mind.
Amelia finally went to bed, but found she couldn't rest. Her covers felt heavy and her clothes hot. She threw off the sheets and pulled off her pajamas, leaving only her silky pink panties. Content, she tried to sleep again, but wasn't able to get comfortable. Amelia remembered advice a friend had given her.
"Masturbating can help with sleep."
It was worth a shot, at least. She slid her fingers down her soft belly and past her panties, fingers pressing against herself. Amelia caressed her warm genitals and felt them grow wet, but it wasn't enough. She needed more.
Embarrassed, she remembered the dildo under her bed. She turned over, breasts pressed to the mattress, and carefully removed the box. It felt surprisingly warm when she lifted it up, running her fingers lightly over the ridges. She turned over again onto her back, knees bent as she wiggled her panties down.
Amelia carefully pressed the large tip of the dildo inside of herself, gasping with sensation. She couldn't help but press her hips up, driving the dildo deeper.
She pumped the toy in and out until she came hard, panting and melting against the bed. She put the toy down on her bedside table to go to sleep, relaxed and content.
The next day before work she found herself using it again, longer and harder than before. Then again after work.
Then again before bed.
Amelia thought maybe it was because she was lonely- her boyfriend had broken up with her on her birthday.
But the next day it was all she could think about at work, getting home to her warm, loving new toy. She squirmed the closer it got to close, leaving quickly to get home. She was only just in the door when she pulled off her panties under her tight skirt, riding the dildo on her bed and not even bothering to get undressed.
She masturbated with her toy until her legs gave out under her, fingers still lazily pumping the dildo in and out of her wet pussy as she laid on her side. Maybe she would call out sick tomorrow...

Offline misty.miss.t

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Re: Writing Prompts
« Reply #2 on: May 22, 2016, 05:56:31 pm »
Prompt from the chat:  Lewd Plants

The greenhouse had always been Lissa's favorite place to work. Her internship at the bio-research lab was fantastic, and she hoped when she finished that the lab might grant her a position permanently assisting in the greenhouse and gardens. She wasn't sure, yet, what it was they were researching, but it involved a lot of plants.
Daily, she was tasked with watering the plants, monitoring their growth, and filling in charts about their progress and growth behaviors. It was all quite relaxing and uneventful, until a new plant was dropped off.
There was a large sign on it that read "DO NOT TOUCH", and knowing how dangerous some of these plants could be, she was sure to pay attention to it. The plant was there a solid week without much growth or activity when it started. Lissa found herself drawn towards the new plant in its large concrete basin.
She resisted the urge to touch it, but she stood there staring at it's large waxy leaves. It had thick, tendril vines coming up from it's roots, and a thick  stem supporting a large pink terminal bud that had yet to change at all in her time watching it. It was a very dark, lush green with shoots of red and pink throughout, and she couldn't help but be drawn closer. The plant gave off such an attractive scent... Lissa backed off and finished her work quickly, not wanting to be tempted to break the rules.
The next day as she walked by to to the other end of the warehouse, she felt a sharp sting as something slapped her ass. She whipped her head around only to see the tendril's of the large plant writhing and dripping with something slick. Lissa went to back away, but a tendril quickly whipped out and grabbed her wrist. Where the slime from the tendril touched her, she felt her skin grow warm and tingle with sensation. It surprised her enough that she didn't resist when more tendrils grabbed onto her, wrapping around her legs and her other arm and lifted her up. Her body began to grow warm and she felt her mind getting cloudy, filled with only how pretty the plant looked and how nice the thick, warm tendrils felt.
She quickly lost any will to resist, her panties wet with arousal from the aphrodisiac the plant emitted.
It wasn't long before the vines of the plant wrapped around her and pressed under her clothing, curled around her breasts tightly and pressing inside of her. It bent her over the side of the large basin and held her there, filing her with a thick tendril and bending towards her so the large bud on top could wrap around her.
"I guess that intern was more useful than we thought she would be." One of the researches said to another the next day, standing in front of the plant.
"She really was. I think the plants are really starting to grow on her." Remarked the other as they took notes on the effect the plant was having on the poor, mindless Lissa, covered in slime and filled with thick vines that also held her down.

Offline allenwisky123

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Re: Writing Prompts
« Reply #3 on: December 20, 2017, 06:46:43 am »
Good advice, I'll try it out.


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